Looking Back at the Big Call I Made Last Week

For most of March, it felt like the world was ending, especially if you looked at Twitter. The atmosphere was total panic.

Then, on April 1, I sat down for a free, public webinar to say that not only is it time to start buying… I’m going to go on record with the #1 stock to buy right now.

Let’s look back at the call I made that night, how it’s panned out so far, and what it means for you.

What I Had to Say at the Crisis & Opportunity Summit

If I may, let me quote myself from the night of April 1:

This is one of my favorite stocks right now, and this is one of the stocks that we’re adding tonight to the Crisis & Opportunity Portfolio for Early Stage Investor. Here we go, folks. Stock number one, Catasys (CATS). It’s a pretty small stock, at a $237 million market cap. [Note: CATS is now worth $336 million… in a little more than a week!]

Let’s talk about what it does: Predictive analytics for big data, artificial intelligence, and telehealth. When I see those things, I’m like, “Tell me more about this company.”

You ever see those studies that say, “We make more data now than we have in the history of the world”? Data’s great folks, but how do you take that data and put it to something useful? A company like this in the healthcare industry – Catasys – uses predictive analytics to go through that data.

Mark my words, predictive analytics is something we’ll hear a lot of going forward. For the last 10 years, you heard about cloud computing and how all the data went into the cloud. Now that the data’s there, how do we figure out what to do with it and what it means?

Catasys uses artificial intelligence to do this, and it also has a telehealth division. If anybody knows me and has followed me for years, you know I love telehealth. I think it is one of the greatest overlooked innovations in healthcare. It is now being looked at because of what happened with the coronavirus, but before that I swear I was the only one on the roof screaming about it! If you remember Teladoc (TDOC), that stock has done very well. It’s one of the leaders in telehealth.

Revenue is going up from $35 million last year to $145 million next year. In a two-year timeframe, that’s massive growth. And considering the $237 million market cap, $145 million is pretty amazing.

Catasys is also forecast for 31% annual earnings growth. That right there is a path to profitability. And it’s important.

When I look at early stage hypergrowth companies, a lot of them aren’t making money because they’re reinvesting any revenue they have into the company. We’re seeing a very similar scenario right here, but what every company must have to make it into my Early Stage Investor newsletter is a path to profitability – meaning you can’t just be bringing in money, putting it back, and NEVER making a profit.

Catasys is on a path to profitability, so when you consider that it lost more than 50% from its February 52-week high, it’s giving us a great opportunity.

Look What Happened Next

Okay, back to the present.

Since that night, CATS has been stair-stepping higher for all of April. It gained in every single trading day. Yesterday it hit a new high of $22.48.

I’m not here to brag but to let you know the kinds of opportunities that are out there right now. In fact, I added two other stocks to my Crisis and Opportunity Portfolio that same night… and another just on Wednesday. All three are below or right around my recommended buy level.

They are positioned in industries that will shape our future and grow like crazy… and they are now buyable at discounted prices.

This is the type of bear market strategy you need to think about. You can set yourself up now to make a lot of money down the road.

Click here to learn more about the Crisis and Opportunity Portfolio and hear all about the strategy we’re employing now.

I’m finding reasons to be hopeful. Chief among them is owning the right stocks for what’s coming down the pike. That’s how fortunes were made before. And that’s where I’m laser-focused at Early Stage Investor and all my services right now.

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