How to Make Big Money By Spotting the Big Money… in “Dark Pools”

About four years ago in Las Vegas, I was doing a live broadcast with Stefanie Kammerman. I had just met Stefanie, and I can clearly remember her telling me live on air to keep an eye on the gold sector of the markets.

It was about to go up, she said.

Well, I was more than a little skeptical. Gold had been going straight down for several years. And if you know me at all, you know I wasn’t shy about letting Stefanie know.

But sure enough, virtually right after our interview, gold took off just like she said it would.

A lot of people who follow her work saw the chance for amazing gains as the price of gold soared to a new three-year high. Almost no one else saw this coming.

Not too long after that, much the same scenario played out again. Stefanie made another big and bold call on air. She said the dollar was headed for a big correction.

Again, I was skeptical. After all, the dollar had been stable for years. And frankly, at the time, I just didn’t believe in Stefanie’s work.

But again, she turned out to be right…

A little while after her prediction, the dollar dropped like lead weight out of a window.

I have to admit… I was impressed. Stefanie had made two big calls that most analysts completely missed.

So from then on, I made it my business to follow Stefanie’s work. After all, anyone who can make two big calls like that is someone worth paying attention to.

Over the past few years, I also got to know Stefanie better… and we became not just colleagues, but friends.

And I recently helped InvestorPlace recruit Stefanie as our newest investing expert.

How does she do it?

This is a one-year chart of the Boeing’s (BA) stock price from September 2018 to September 2019.

As you can see, the big airplane maker’s stock bobbed up and down throughout the year. Some people would describe it as a “random walk.”

To almost everyone, short-term stock market moves like you see above are just “noise.” They’re unexplainable, unpredictable moves we should ignore while focusing on the long term.

That’s because we all know what makes stocks move big-time over the long term: hypergrowth trends, revenue, and earnings. The more money a company takes in, the more it will be worth down the road.

But most people have no idea what causes a stock to move in the short term. Most people have no idea what causes a stock to increase 10% over a few days… or what causes a stock to decrease 6% in 24 hours.

So almost everyone says that the market’s short-term ups and downs are meaningless.

And when Stefanie hears that, her response is, “Good!”

That means more money for her and her followers.

For my money, there’s nobody better than Stefanie to educate you on what causes these ups and downs – and how to capitalize on them to make a lot of money.

Stefanie is the ultimate resource for helping you make short-term trades that can build long-term wealth.

She is a longtime investing expert, a former “prop firm” trader, and an author with a legendary status in the financial industry.

And she’s now made it her life’s mission to help folks like you spot big moves in the market before they happen… and to profit off those moves.

Along the way, she has gained the respect of her colleagues and readers by calling nearly every correction or crash before they happen and helping them protect themselves against losses.

Stefanie has been trading the stock market full time for more than 25 years. And she can tell you there are fortunes to be made from the short-term “noise” you see on stock charts like the Boeing one above.

In fact, one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets is how you can make hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars a year trading the market’s short-term ebbs and flows.

While most investors look at charts and see meaningless, unpredictable squiggles on a chart, Stefanie see opportunities to rake in millions of dollars in profits for herself and members of her trading club.

You see, there’s an order to the stock market’s short-term ups and downs. Where most people see random “noise,” Stefanie sees “order”… stocks moving up and down in a way we can regularly profit from.

This is thanks to a hidden stock market phenomenon called “Dark Pools.”

Dark Pools are the “hidden” stock exchanges where the big boys on Wall Street place their massive trades. These exchanges allow institutional investors to buy and sell large blocks of shares without running the risk that other traders will see their hand.

When an institutional investor makes a big move in a stock, it can easily push that stock’s price around by 5% to 10% in the span of a week. And those who monitor and know how to read the Dark Pools can leverage those moves for much bigger gains.

Stefanie has devoted the past 26 years to studying the Dark Pool market phenomenon. While initially making these trades for one of the biggest proprietary trading firms in the country, she eventually left and began making a Wall Street-sized income trading from home.

Now she’s teaching others to do the same.

On Wednesday, July 15, at 7 p.m. ET, Stefanie and I will participate in a special roundtable event where we’ll talk about her system and how it can produce huge gains from these hidden market moves.

Stefanie can use those sorts of trades to show her followers how to make 500% gains over and over again.

She can also use those sorts of trades to make market predictions.

Thanks to this Dark Pools secret, she’s been able to accurately predict the last 14 market corrections (including the recent coronavirus market panic) before they happened…

She has a 92% success rate picking winning stock recommendations*…

And she’s found multiple trade recommendations that could have handed you a rare 2,148% gain with a special kind of play.

But that’s just the start…

Stefanie will be revealing her full Dark Pool findings – research that’s 26 years in the making – during the Dark Pool Summit on Wednesday, July 15, at 7 p.m. ET.

I’ll be there as well… sitting down with Stefanie to get her full story.

I encourage you to attend. What Stefanie has to present is unlike anything you’ve seen before and could completely change your financial future.

I’ll see you then.

*(Stefanie’s Whispers Service Track Record Average Success Rate from 2014 to 2019)

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