Knowing the Difference Between Nutrients and Nikes Can Make You Money

"Demand destruction" is a term that's rocking certain markets right now. But even if a recession causes consumers to cut back, it does not follow that farmers will cut back on crop nutrients. Here's what I see...

These Numbers Point to High Prices… and Profits

I’m not evangelizing the “EV gospel” that everyone should drive their Broncos and Altimas to the scrap yard. But I am preaching about the incredible profit potential in the EV market…

A “Green Wave” of Opportunity Will Hit Four Critical Sectors

Goldman Sachs is already pinpointing outperformers in key areas of the green wave, despite the ongoing demand for oil and "old" energy.

This Investment Made a LOT of Money in 2022… And It Looks as if There’s More to Come

A lot of investors seem to think oil and gas stocks can’t continue to outperform as the world transitions to renewable and greener sources. But new demand projections for the next 20 years strongly suggest that old energy stocks will continue to make good money for investors, even as new energy stocks continue to grow…

How Elon Musk’s Handling of Twitter Impacts the Tesla Calculation

Being a CEO of five companies sounds like a lot. But for eclectic innovator Elon Musk, it might be too much. Let's see what's happened to his popular EV company over the last few weeks...

Be Ready for This Market Phenomenon That Starts Now

The cycle we're in right now is pretty reliable, and it looks as if it may be about to rhyme once again. And if it that proves true, investors have reason to be pretty excited…

5G: Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Connect

The 5G revolution is unstoppable, and it will change our lives in many ways. Today, let's dive into the implications for connectivity and cloud-computing… and one of my favorite picks in the sector.

Demystifying 5G: 2 Reasons It Is Going to Change the World

5G is a quantum leap in communications technology; it replaces 4G like an automobile replaces a horse-drawn buggy, or like a personal computer replaces a slide rule...

I’m Not Worried About the Fed

The market is much bigger than any one person or any one policy announcement, however important it may be. But there is a better and smarter way to view “Fed days” and to invest…

A Critical Catalyst Has Emerged in the Deglobalization Megatrend

The mass economic exodus by Western companies from Russia is a seismic event that will redirect investment flows and reshape global supply chains for years to come. This exodus is the final etching in the gravestone of “globalization.” As we talked about in Thursday’s Smart Money, what comes next will be its alter ego: deglobalization. This is the world’s newest megatrend, and I expect it to be an incredibly powerful one.

Did the Bear Market Just End?

October's reputation as a bear-market killer is somewhat deserved. But as Eric Fry has said, there are encouraging and discouraging signs on the horizon, so... what’s an investor to do?

This Critical Trend Is Both a Danger and an Opportunity

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and cyberattacks are no joke. That’s why billions of dollars are spent every year preventing cyberattacks and recovering from them.

This Industry Is Flying High With No Slowdown in Sight

These stocks are taking off…

Measure This Industry In Trillions, Not Billions

If you’re doing some shopping this weekend, you may want to know that the newest French fashion is not what you might think. But it is a fashion-forward element. In fact, it is the world’s No. 1 element: Hydrogen.

Stop Selling This, and Start Buying That

I believe we have drawn close to a critical inflection point – the moment when we investors should stop "selling the rumor"… and begin "buying the fact."

This Earnings Season Might Catch Wall Street Off Guard

It's earnings season, and companies are up on the "chopping block," so to speak. But this time around, Wall Street might be the one to be surprised at what's to come...

3 Tips for Investing Success from… Who?!

Baseball is the oldest of all American sports, and it has a rich history of unique and colorful wisdom. And you might be surprised what some legendary baseball quips can teach us about investing...

The Hardest (Yet Most Important) Thing Investors Should Do Right Now

"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful." 1It’s hard to argue with that statement when it comes from no less than the Oracle of Omaha himself, and one of the most successful investors of all time. And the evidence is clear that the seeds of big future profits are planted in markets exactly like this one…

The Trend Remains Supreme: 2 Stocks to Watch

The market is attempting to make a comeback. We’ve endured enough of the market’s gut punches this year, and now, as we – potentially, hopefully – begin to turn the corner and leave the lowest lows behind, it’s time to make pointed, intelligent investments. So, in this article, you’ll find two stocks I have on my watchlist for 2023 – and beyond.