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5 Health Care Mutual Funds to Buy

These funds are a good way to get into this must-have sector

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Since the Affordable Care Act got the green light from the Supreme Court, the markets have had a few weeks to mull the potential effects on health care stocks. And while there’s plenty of hemming and hawing, some winners, some losers, one thing stands true for just about every investor: You want in on health care.

As colleague Alyssa Oursler points out, a number of demographic trends play right into health-related stocks’ hands. Baby boomers are … well, they’re booming. Half of us are getting too fat, and the other half are running in the opposite direction. All that means pills will be popped, hospitals will be staffed and insurance companies will continue to duck your calls about claims.

Of course, if all you have is a 401k to play with — or you just prefer to protect yourself with a bundle of holdings vs. picking and choosing — there’s a gaggle of mutual funds you can use to hit just about every angle of health care, or the whole field itself. Here’s a look at five such health care mutual funds to buy:

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