The Nation’s Finest: 10 Best Real America Index Performers

These guys are blowing away their fellow red, white and blue stocks

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The Nation’s Finest: 10 Best Real America Index Performers

Real America Index e1328569156142 The Nations Finest: 10 Best Real America Index PerformersJust before Independence Day, InvestorPlace updated its Real America Index, adding 36 new components to the list of 51 publicly traded companies headquartered in the U.S. and the District of Columbia.

With its state-level look at companies, the Real America Index aims to provide an exclusive perspective into the U.S. economy and businesses in local communities.

So, the next logical question is pretty obvious: How’s the index doing? Well, two-thirds of the picks are in the black for the year, around half are topping the Dow’s performance since January, and the top 20 are all besting the S&P 500’s 12% YTD gains.

And some, in particular, have really put on a performance America can be proud of. Check out the top 10 performers of the Real America Index as of market close last Friday:

10. Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), State: Arkansas, YTD Return: 21%
9. Illinois Tool Works
(NYSE:ITW), State: Illinois, YTD Return: 27%
8. DaVita
(NYSE:DVA), State: Colorado, YTD Return: 28%
7. Denny’s
(NASDAQ:DENN), State: South Carolina, YTD Return: 30%
6. Express Scripts
(NASDAQ:ESRX), State: Missouri, YTD Return: 40%

And now, onto the best five:

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