Walmart Agrees to Improve Safety at Thousands of Stores

It will have to provide safety training to workers and pay a fine


walmart store 300x180 Walmart Agrees to Improve Safety at Thousands of StoresThe Labor Department has reached a nationwide settlement with the country’s largest retailer over potentially hazardous conditions for workers found at one New York store.

In 2011, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspectors discovered a variety of safety violations at a Walmart (WMT) store near Rochester, N.Y. Among the problems documented by the inspectors were blocked exit routes, a lack of training for employees handling dangerous chemicals and an unlocked and unguarded trash compactor and trash grinder, USA TODAY notes.

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Citations issued at the New York store followed similar violations found at Walmart stores in at least nine states.

The retailer has now agreed to introduce safety measures for trash compactors and implement training in safe trash compactor use and hazardous chemical handling for workers at more than 2,800 stores nationwide.

OSHA originally imposed a $365,000 fine for the violations at the New York store, but under the terms of the settlement, Walmart will pay just $190,000 in fines.

Shares of Walmart rose fractionally in Thursday morning trading.

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