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The 4 Best ETFs for Young Investors

If you have a long timeline, these are the best ETFs to buy

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best etfsTime is one of the best friends an investor can have.

But everyone knows George Bernard Shaw’s famous quote that says “youth is wasted on the young.” So many of us spring chickens aren’t taking full advantage of the extra time we have to build our nest eggs.

The longer you have to use the power of compounding, the more money you will have. That’s a proven fact. Not to mention time’s ability to help heal your portfolio after the markets various gyrations and volatility.

But time can also be a powerful ally in selecting investments in the first place.

That’s because some of the best ETFs out there are truly long term plays — sometimes decades long. And younger investors have the ability to truly benefit from these plays,  since we have the time needed to make these ideas come to fruition. After all, someone at retirement age may not be around long enough to get all that’s possible out of, say, an investment in emerging Nigeria or growing fuel cell adoption.

Here are four of the best ETFs for young investors, which hone in on several long-term themes. Chuck them in a Roth IRA and watch the gains compound over the long haul.

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