2 Surprising Things I’m Seeing in This Volatile Market

Times are painful and these are fast market conditions. But at least the credit markets are working, and there’s hope.

Why China May Hurt Apple Stock More Than Many Realize

Rising anti-American sentiment in China could hurt Apple's results and, by extension, Apple stock even as its economy comes back from the coronavirus decline.

Profiting from a Pullback with SPY

The S&P 500 is set to open lower this morning if futures prices are to be believed, and I think a bearish trade on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY) is a good way to protect your portfolio.

Scorching Hot Nio Stock May Have Some More Upside Left Atop EV Equities

Nio stock jumped almost 7% with double volume on news of a billion-dollar injection. Investors should realize that headlines can cut both ways.

The Outlook for Chinese Stocks Just Changed Dramatically

Rather than dive headfirst into Chinese stocks, you’ll want to be very choosy.

Here’s How the US-China Trade War is Helping Stock Bulls, Bears

Don’t attempt to trade volatile and varied headlines, invest your trust in a powerful trade war pattern setting up on the price chart of

The Most Overlooked Investment Theme Heading Into 2020

Chinese biotech stocks are set for not just 10X growth … not 20X growth … not even 50X growth … but at least 100X growth.

7 Catalysts Pointing to Massive Potential in Chinese Biotech Stocks

Even beyond China’s strong support of biotech, there are seven more reasons why investing in the sector will be one of the best wealth-building opportunities of the next 20 years.

Chinese Biotech Stocks: The 100X Play as Big Pharma Money Moves In

Investing in Chinese biotech stocks today is similar to getting into U.S. biotech back in the 1990s.

Chinese Biotech Stocks: A Simple Case for Massive Returns

Investing in industries with huge growth potential and gale-force tailwinds at their backs is how you set yourself up to make giant returns.

Chinese Stocks: Get Ready for China’s Next Big Profit Boom

The moment the U.S.-China trade debacle is settled, Chinese stocks will explode higher. Don't miss out.

For 5G Stocks, the Race Just Heated Up Big Time

Lately it’s hard to get away from all the trade-war headlines. In the meantime, many investors are missing the other “trade war” — the one involving 5G stocks.

Chinese Biotech Stocks: One Huge Growth Sector Unaffected by the Trade War

When the Chinese government says it’s targeting one of its domestic industries for massive growth, it pays to listen.

3 Reasons JD Stock Can Bounce Back

The trade war is taking its toll on JD stock, but strong earnings could be the start of a bounce for the company.

9 Catalysts That Will Drive Chinese Biotech Stocks Much Higher

Matt McCall is extremely bullish on China and the big opportunities in several sectors, but Chinese biotech stocks top his list.

Chinese Stocks: A Profit Boom We Can’t Afford to Miss

The start of the next leg higher for Chinese stocks is just around the corner. Don't miss out on one profiting from of the greatest economic stories of the century.

Will China’s Huge New Innovation “Kill” Tesla Stock?

Every automaker from Ford to Audi is racing to build the “Tesla Killer.” Now Enovate — the premium brand from Chinese electric vehicle startup DearCC — says it’s got it.

JD Could Break Through its 200-Day MA

This morning I'm recommending a bullish trade on, Inc. (NASDAQ:JD), the online direct sales company based in China.

5 Chinese Stocks to Avoid Now (But Buy Later)

Chinese stocks are a mess right now, but when that changes, these five stocks should be big winners.

How Hard Will the Huawei Scandal Hit American Stocks?

Huawei is accused of violating American trade restrictions with Iran, and the arrest of its CFO escalates the current trade war between the U.S. and China.