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4 Medical Marijuana Stocks to Dump Now

They're barely real companies -- and have little to do with the legalization of marijuana, anyway

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GrowLife (PHOT)

marijuana-stocks-growlife-photGrowLife (PHOT) seems to make sense to a lot of people. It sells gear needed to grow marijuana in your garage or garden. And unlike the others, this really is a marijuana stock. PHOT took off on the legalization of marijuana in two states, and it’s up 300% for the year-to-date, trading at 61 cents a share.

If anything, PHOT should have sold off on the legalization news.

If marijuana becomes legal, why would anyone need to grow their own in a closet lined with tin foil? Folks who grow their own marijuana do so precisely because marijuana is illegal. Once it’s legal, you’re better off just popping down to the pot store.

PHOT has a market cap of $440 million — and no profits. PHOT had an adjusted net loss in 2013 of $2.2 million. Indeed, PHOT has never turned a profit. It only loses greater amounts of money every year even as sales grow.

Speaking of sales, annual revenue came to just about $5 million, and that was driven by loads of acquisitions — not by selling more product.

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