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Vanguard Dividend Funds to Buy for Retirement Investment

Whether retirement is way down the horizon or just over the next hill, these three Vanguard funds can take care of you

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Good news: You’re 60 and ready to retire within five years. Bad news: Your retirement investing isn’t going to be easy.

vanguard retirement dividend fundsThat’s because you’re likely to live another 20 years (assuming reasonable health at 65) after retirement, which means you don’t want your money to run out before you ride off into the sunset. As a result, you might want a portfolio that combines steady income with capital appreciation.

Thankfully, there are several Vanguard dividend funds that can help you achieve this objective.

So, what’s your dividend stock retirement strategy? If you don’t have one, you probably should. Investing in dividend stocks provides both income and capital appreciation and is a good way to ensure your money outlasts you.

But don’t worry if you haven’t come up with a brilliant plan — I’ve prepared a list of three possible Vanguard dividend funds to buy for retirement. All can become the cornerstone of any dividend stock retirement strategy.

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