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5 Biggest Players in Driverless Cars

The self-driving Google car leads the autonomous car movement, but other names are worth a look

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Google (GOOG)

Driverless cars, autonomous cars, Google CarIt may not be the only name with a hand under the hoods of driverless cars, but let’s face it — the Google Car is the prototype and the technology everyone else is eventually going to get behind, or take on the near-impossible task of beating.

As of the latest reports, Google has decided to completely remove the steering wheel in the next 100 autonomous cars it plans on building as part of its testing program. The initial prototypes worked well enough, but the vehicles’ engineers determined that allowing a human driver to take over in an emergency didn’t actually make the company’s driverless cars any safer. In fact, the switch-over from driverless to human-controlled apparently made them even more dangerous. Ergo, the steering was proverbially thrown out the window of the Google car.

Translation: The technology works.

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