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The Fall of Twitter Inc (TWTR) Stock Continues With China Shock

Twitter is going through yet another turnover of top management. But TWTR's real issue is the lie it keeps telling itself.

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And only if CEO Jack Dorsey (or whoever runs it) recognizes their responsibilities as operators of a media company and take control of it.

That starts with respecting truth and filtering out lies, as well as responding to political controversy actively, as a media company would, rather than passively as a phone company does. It means understanding the one-to-many nature of media, accepting something called social responsibility and seeking to maintain editorial balance.

Chen often was criticized for having worked for the Chinese military, for having been a political officer and a political hire. Every real media company makes such hires to balance their own editorial direction with that of the society and markets they serve. Every successful publisher reflects the business interests of their readers, and every successful editor balances it.

When the people running a medium fail to run their own medium, others will run it for them. That’s what Donald Trump did. Trump is the real CEO of Twitter, and of Facebook. He will remain in charge until those who own it take responsibility for what they have created.

TWTR had power — even while it denied that it had power. Twitter’s only hope for survival is to acknowledge that power and use it responsibly, as a media company would.

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