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Charts & Technical Analysis

Apple Earnings — Wait for the Move, Then Act

With everyone watching Apple earnings today, your best move may be to wait for the immediate reaction to die down, then make your move. Read Article

5 Ways to Know a Stock Is Headed Up

Everyone wants their stocks to go up, right? The good news: These five bullish chart patterns indicate when a pick is poised to do just that. Read Article

Ebay’s Choppy Trading Could Continue

Ebay's quick selloff Thursday might spook investors into a little more fleeing, but longer-term, this correction should prove a healthy one. Read Article

Game Over for Toy Stocks?

Mattel's post-earnings drop yesterday took out horizontal support; technical pressure should continue to loom for MAT and rival Hasbro. Read Article

GLDD Is Back on the Right Track — ‘Best Stocks’ Update

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock ran aground amid worries of an accounting scandal. But the company is afloat once more and headed for smoother waters. Read Article

The End of the Road for Tesla’s Run?

Goldman's swift kick took the wind out of Tesla Motors' 2013 run and finally pleased the shorts ... but it didn't necessarily knock TSLA out cold. Read Article

ConocoPhillips: Too Hot to Touch

ConocoPhillips has extended its run to 14 consecutive up-days and still looks good through a long-term lens, but a cold bath might be in order. Read Article

AMZN: The Chase Higher Just Got Tougher

Amazon stock might actually have some upside left after pushing its all-time highs above the $300 mark, but overbought indicators are ringing across the board. Read Article

The Nasdaq’s Long-Side Odds Are Deteriorating By the Hour

The Nasdaq's run to 13-year highs has left the index at a perilous level from a long-term perspective. Read Article

These 4 Internet Stocks Keep Trending Higher

Investors have kept chasing the high momentum of these four Internet stocks -- all of which report in coming weeks, and could be prone to some sizable gaps. Read Article

Is Any Metal Worth Trading Right Now?

From gold to palladium, traders have hammered away at just about anything metal in 2013. However, the charts finally show a couple bullish opportunities. Read Article

U.S. Dollar: Just Preparing for Higher Highs

Considering the U.S. dollar's almost vertical leap in the past couple of weeks, the breakout is unlikely to stick -- but it should lead to constructive filling. Read Article

Amazon Should Make a Run to $300

Despite settling just short of its January highs, Amazon remains in good position to break past that area and eventually into the $300 zone. Read Article

Gold Might Finally Be Building a Bottom

Gold -- as measured by the GLD -- is finally starting to show signs of fruitful bottom-building, but the near-term action won't be for the faint of heart. Read Article

Goldman Sachs Is Dancing on Crucial Technical Support

Watch the charts of Goldman Sachs, which will provide us with some hints about how investors feel about both this earnings season and interest-rate hikes. Read Article

Apple Riddled With Lousy Price Action

Don't expect much respite following Apple's break below $400. For now, the charts point to more time exploring the upper and maybe even mid-$300s. Read Article

Will Oil Prices Break $100?

The string of higher lows for oil proxy U.S. Oil Fund bodes well for the commodity to have a shot at hitting the $100/barrel level, though it's hardly a sure thing. Read Article

Seasonal Patterns Say to Buy Gold, Sell Semiconductors

Seasonal patterns aren't always reliable, but these charts show that it's nearing time to buy gold and take profits in semiconductors. Read Article

The S&P 500 Isn’t Short-Term Cooked for Certain, But …

Following an aggressive Bernanke-led selloff, the S&P 500 is left perched on perilous technical ground. And the path of least resistance is down. Read Article

Gold Has Gone Ice-Cold

Both the long- and short-term charts point to further downside in gold, but the results of the FOMC meeting could have a lot to say about that. Read Article