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How Professional Players Fritter Away Millions

In an interview with Dennis, a professional baseball agent reveals how players squander millions, and offers advice to avoid problems. Read Article

Can You Make Money With Technical Analysis?

Does technical analysis work? A quick look at history and a number of factors working against TA reveal "chartists" are facing an uphill battle. Read Article

Can a Doublewide Save Your Retirement?

If you are approaching retirement it's time to run the numbers on your savings, income and expenses. Be prepared to make adjustments if necessary along the way Read Article

Could Low Bond Prices and High Interest Rates Be Good for Stocks?

If the Fed tightens rates in September, it could drive rates high enough to stall growth. And if it doesn't increase rates, investors could take that as a sign of low confidence. Either way, it's a lose-lose situation. Read Article

September Seasonality: ANOTHER Reason to Sell Stocks

The last thing this market needs is another reason to sell off, but we've got one: A history of weak seasonality only adds to the pressure facing stocks right now. Read Article

How (And When) to Buy this Market Volatility

Here are some of the pins that need to fall before you should put your cash to work, and a couple stocks to buy once you do. Read Article

How to Keep a Cool Head in a Market Correction

Don't panic during a stock market correction. Here's a solid strategy, as well as a few deep discounts to be on the watch for. Read Article

Interpreting Economic and Housing Data for Investors

Do you think that economic news and housing data has been encouraging or discouraging? It's all a matter of an investor's perspective. Read Article

Will We Get a Fed Rate Hike? Here’s What to Know.

We look at both compelling sides of the argument over whether we'll get a Fed rate hike in September. Read Article

The Dow Jones’ Death Cross: Here’s Why I Love It

A death cross for the Dow Jones Industrial Average is rare, but when it happens it doesn't necessarily prescribe bad fortune for the market. Read Article

How Important Is the Dow Jones Death Cross?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just filled out a so-called "death cross" -- a technical signal that we ignore at our own peril. Read Article

What the Dip in Commodity Stocks Means for the U.S. and China

The move to the downside for commodity stocks is a big problem for the broader economies of the U.S., China and Europe for a few reasons. Read Article

For Investors, Bad News Is Once Again Good News

Policy “doves” fear that if the FOMC raises rates, it will put undue pressure on a U.S. economy that is already struggling with lackluster wage growth and a widening trade gap. Read Article

How to Use Sector Funds to Juice Your Returns

If used properly, sector funds are the best way to enhance portfolio returns while keeping a lid on risk. Here's how to do it. Read Article

The Housing Sector Looks Just a Little Bit Better

Between data and earnings, the housing sector is looking pretty good, and should outperform the market on a relative basis. Read Article

What to Make of Gold’s Free Fall (GLD)

If you're looking for a dip-buying opportunity in gold (GLD) ... well, stay your hand and keep your eyes open a little longer. There's no urgency to buy yet. Read Article

How Changes in the Yield Curve Could Affect Bank Stocks

Here's how banks -- and bank stocks -- will be affected by implementation of the “Volcker Rule” -- part of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms that ban taxpayer insured banks from making bets with their own money. Read Article

Chinese Stocks vs. the Chinese Economy

The collapsing Chinese stock market has taken over Greece as the No. 1 macro concern. But why is the Chinese stock market in freefall? Read Article

China: Our Latest Reminder That Emerging Markets Are Still Risky as Hell

As advanced as some emerging markets have become, when push comes to shove, there's still no assurance that the playing field will remain level. Read Article

XHB: The Housing Market Could Be a Great “Fishing Hole” for New Bulls

Positive labor news bodes well for not just the housing market, but the broader stock market as well. Keep your eye on the XHB. Read Article