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Stocks Enjoy Best Winning Streak in 86 Years

The market continues to bounce back from its October lows, closing above its five-day average for the 27th consecutive day. Read Article

Dow Jones, S&P 500 Set New Highs as Warning Signs Multiply

The historically powerful and persistent rally seems unstoppable now, headed for the all-time record of 27 days set in March 1986. But the blemishes, if you know where to look, are spreading. Read Article

9 Tips on How to Invest Like a Pro

Forget just 'buy and hold.' Investors need to rethink what they know about how to invest, and instead adopt a more nuanced way of attacking the markets. Read Article

Stocks Rattled as the Fed Turns Hawkish

Stocks react to the Fed's October meeting minutes, which signaled that a short-term interest rate hike is likely sometime in the first or second quarter of 2015. Read Article

The 10 Best Stocks to Buy for the Next 10 Years

The aging of the boomers, population growth and rising living standards will make these stocks to buy long-term winners. Read Article

Stocks Surge Ahead of Fed Minutes

The epic consistency of the rally out of the October low continued, with the S&P 500 closing above its five-day moving average for 23 consecutive sessions -- a record run that hasn't been seen since the late 1990s. Read Article

Is This Market TOO Quiet?

Should investors be worried? If you look over at what's happening in the options market, the bond market and in small-cap stocks, the answer is yes. Read Article

Keeping Watch on Key Man Risk

Bill Gross leaving PIMCO highlights an often ignored risk investors face -- that a key individual will leave the firm. Read Article

Stocks Inch to New Records, But Who the Heck Is Buying?

The S&P 500 and Dow Jones finished at new highs, but a lack of market breadth during this rebound remains a problem. Read Article

3 High-Yield Money Market Accounts

Don't let your cash do nothing but collect dust until you use it. Check out these three high-yield money market accounts. Read Article

October Jobs Report: Who Won, Who Lost

The October jobs report showed a ninth straight month of solid gains, but too many of those jobs are low-paid and part-time. Read Article

5 Reasons You Should Move to Cash

Politics and market breadth are among some troubling signs of a potential stock-market reversal ahead. Read Article

Stocks Rise to New Records Ahead of Jobs Report

Tesla Motors Inc, General Electric Company were among Thursday's winners. Next, expect Friday's session to be dominated by the release of the October payroll report. Read Article

Stocks Celebrate GOP Win on Bipartisan Hopes

Now on the horizon: The ECB, payrolls and Friday's showdown between President Obama and congressional leaders. Read Article

The First Santa Claus Rally Reality Check of 2014

The Santa Claus rally discussion surfaces every year, and 2014 won't be any different. But this year, let's put the premise to the test before pulling the trigger. Read Article

Stocks Pause Ahead of Midterm Elections

Stocks finished mostly lower Monday, pausing for breath after Friday's run to new record highs. Next up: The 2014 midterm elections. Read Article

All Eyes on the Fed Ahead of QE3 Decision

There's been some chatter in recent weeks that maybe the Fed could surprise everyone again by stringing QE3 along for another month or two. Read Article

Asset Location: Your Guide to Tax-Efficiency

The most important aspect of tax-efficient investing is asset location. Here's why. Read Article

Stocks Put the ‘V’ in ‘Recovery’

The bears' apparent victory was stolen from them today, with stocks jumping and showing new signs of strength. Read Article

The Stock Market Rebound Gets Real

The name of Tuesday's game was risk, risk, risk as commodities and high-yield bonds coursed higher alongside stocks. Read Article