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Stocks Bounce Back on Yellen’s Assurances

After a downturn, the stock market managed a rally today following assurances from the Federal Reserve chair that interest rate hikes wouldn't be immediate. Some big players had rough day, however. Read Article

Stocks Hit as Investors Worry About Fed Rate Hikes

While the initial reaction to today's Fed statement was positive, the overall impression was that the Fed sees plenty of signs of strength in the U.S. economy -- and that drove up fears of an interest rate hike. Read Article

5 Best Publicly Traded Stocks (For Workers)

Companies like Chevron and P&G made their way near the top of the best companies to work for. But does such an honor mean anything to shareholders? Read Article

Greece Elects Syriza, Wall Street Shrugs

Greek elections threaten to spark additional worry about the eurozone; meanwhile, back at home, majors like MSFT and UTX whiff on earnings. Read Article

Don’t Trade or Invest Based on the Northeast Winter Storm

A winter storm makes home improvement retailers and airlines look like obvious trades, but past performance shows that they're not. Read Article

The Best Play in Biotechs: M&A

Investors in biotech stocks have much to look forward to as Big Pharma increasingly looks to shore up its pipelines via M&A. Read Article

3 Best Commodities Funds to Buy Now

Looking past the short-term noise on oil, broad basket commodities funds can be a smart addition to a diversified portfolio. Read Article

10 for 10: Dividend Stocks for Every Sector

Dividend stocks abound in the S&P 500, and you can find generous ones in more places than just utilities and telecoms. Read Article

3 Big-Name Financials to Avoid For Now

Investors hoped the banks would lead the way for a robust 2015 stock market and economy. Unfortunately, the financials failed to cooperate as their earnings didn't measure up, and the stocks were driven down. Read Article

Euro QE Helps U.S. Stocks Clear the Hurdle

The European Central Bank launched its eagerly awaited stimulus plan, helping U.S. stocks finish in the black Thursday. Read Article

Stocks Quiet Ahead of ECB Thriller

Global markets held their breath Wednesday ahead of an ECB meeting widely expected to result in massive eurozone stimulus. Read Article

3 Ways Almost All Investors Take on Too Much Risk

Whatever your risk tolerance, you’re probably taking on a lot more than you realize -- and that additional risk is almost certainly costing you. Read Article

Stocks Mixed as BOJ, ECB Decisions Loom

The markets remained mixed on Tuesday as traders anticipate the Bank of Japan decision on Wednesday morning and the European Central Bank decision on Thursday. Read Article

5 Financial Keys to Fatherhood, Not Friendship

Raising financially independent adults is also critical to your own financial freedom. Read Article

European Stocks: Is Stimulus on the Way?

Fidelity Investor's Jim Lowell and other financial experts weigh in on what all could be in store for European stocks and other assets after Switzerland uncaps its currency. Read Article

3 Investments Jeffrey Gundlach Loves in 2015

Noted bond fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach recently spoke about both his bullish and bearish investment themes for 2015. Here's a look at the winners. Read Article

Stocks Roiled on Retail Sales, Crude Oil

Stocks continued to fall Wednesday even though income, job creation and consumer confidence are on the upswing, showing that U.S. consumers can't carry the global economy themselves. Read Article

Hello, Volatility! Goodbye, Stock Gains!

Tuesday morning rally dissolves as crude oil once again turns Wall Street into a horde of pessimists. Read Article

The Trouble With ‘Stocks Always Go Up’

Stocks always rise over time, right? Well, not exactly. The U.S. stock market has evolved a lot since its beginnings. Read Article

Oil Finds More Bottom, Stocks Swoon

Another major dip in oil prices sent most of the stock market packing Monday, though new opportunities are arising in precious metals. Read Article