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Chinese Stocks vs. the Chinese Economy

The collapsing Chinese stock market has taken over Greece as the No. 1 macro concern. But why is the Chinese stock market in freefall? Read Article

China: Our Latest Reminder That Emerging Markets Are Still Risky as Hell

As advanced as some emerging markets have become, when push comes to shove, there's still no assurance that the playing field will remain level. Read Article

XHB: The Housing Market Could Be a Great “Fishing Hole” for New Bulls

Positive labor news bodes well for not just the housing market, but the broader stock market as well. Keep your eye on the XHB. Read Article

Buy These 3 Dips as the Market Slips

Thanks to short sellers, these three funds are likely "presold" -- in other words, they should have shallower pullbacks, and see more buying interest on a recovery. Read Article

Why You Should Avoid the So-Called Cheap Stocks (WTW)

Sometimes those so-called cheap stocks are really value traps that can pull your portfolio into the red. When you see cheap stocks with a P/E ratio less than 9, be careful. Read Article

Investing: How to Increase Your Odds of Success

Investing in index funds instead of actively managed funds isn't a cure-all, but it's a great step toward improving your portfolio. Read Article

5 Stock Market Sectors You Should Avoid Now

For a variety of reasons, a growing number of stock market sectors are rolling over into downtrends ... suggesting a correction for the broader market. Read Article

7 Reasons the Housing Market Will Keep Booming

The U.S. housing market has posted great numbers lately across sales, prices and future construction. This bodes well for 2015 and beyond. Read Article

2 CEFs Presenting Excellent Value Opportunities (DBL, RCS)

Looking at funds that meet or exceed their distribution policies -- such as DBL and RCS -- is a sound way to weed out funds that could erode your capital over time. Read Article

Student Loan Forgiveness: Nice, But a Potentially Disastrous Idea

A little student loan forgiveness for attendees of a now-bankrupt for-profit school could avalanche into something much worse for U.S. taxpayers. Read Article

How to Forecast Pharma Stocks (PFE, RAD, JNJ)

Pharma companies like PFE, JNJ and RAD are very tricky for fundamental analysts. But principles of relative-strength analysis should still be applied to confirm the fundamental factors. Read Article

Best International Investment for the Second Half of 2015: Europe

Technically, the U.S. is expected to outpace Europe in terms of 2015 GDP, but here's why European stocks are the much better play. Read Article

Go Commercial: 3 REITs With 8%-Plus Dividend Yields

Commercial real estate REITs, which already sport some massive dividend yields, are enjoying a tailwind that could provide substantial capital gains, too. Read Article

Expect Volatility as Greek Debt Drama Escalates

Investors can expect greater market volatility as Athens comes closer to a deadline to avoid defaulting on its bailout package and faces leaving the eurozone. Read Article

Beyond Earnings Basics: Consider Return on Assets When Hunting for Stocks to Buy

Savvy investors pay attention to the quality of earnings instead of just getting swept away with the basics. Metrics such as return on assets (ROA) better reflect the quality of a company’s business and investments. Read Article

Is a Stock Ever a Good Bet After Short Selling?

When stocks are victimized by short selling, it can be a buying opportunity for some investors. Learn when its a good time to make your move. Read Article

Vanguard Launches Alternative Strategies Fund

Vanguard's Alternative Strategies fund launched Thursday night for investors with a minimum investment of $250,000. Here's a closer look at Vanguard's newest fund. Read Article

Do Your Detective Work When You’re Buying Stocks

Picking stocks requires an investor to be a detective, a CEO, an investment analyst, a trader and more all at the same time. Here are some tips about buying stocks. Read Article

Wall Street Unicorns: When Should You Buy a Tech IPO?

When valuations blow up on a so-called Wall Street unicorn that is having its IPO, investors should do their homework -- and wait a few weeks before buying in. Read Article

Investing in the Age of Robo-Advisors

Investors today are getting more comfortable with the idea of turning their portfolios over to robo-advisors for guidance in their investments. But it's not a good idea. Read Article