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October Jobs Report: Who Won, Who Lost

The October jobs report showed a ninth straight month of solid gains, but too many of those jobs are low-paid and part-time. Read Article

5 Reasons You Should Move to Cash

Politics and market breadth are among some troubling signs of a potential stock-market reversal ahead. Read Article

Stocks Rise to New Records Ahead of Jobs Report

Tesla Motors Inc, General Electric Company were among Thursday's winners. Next, expect Friday's session to be dominated by the release of the October payroll report. Read Article

Stocks Celebrate GOP Win on Bipartisan Hopes

Now on the horizon: The ECB, payrolls and Friday's showdown between President Obama and congressional leaders. Read Article

The First Santa Claus Rally Reality Check of 2014

The Santa Claus rally discussion surfaces every year, and 2014 won't be any different. But this year, let's put the premise to the test before pulling the trigger. Read Article

Stocks Pause Ahead of Midterm Elections

Stocks finished mostly lower Monday, pausing for breath after Friday's run to new record highs. Next up: The 2014 midterm elections. Read Article

All Eyes on the Fed Ahead of QE3 Decision

There's been some chatter in recent weeks that maybe the Fed could surprise everyone again by stringing QE3 along for another month or two. Read Article

Asset Location: Your Guide to Tax-Efficiency

The most important aspect of tax-efficient investing is asset location. Here's why. Read Article

Stocks Put the ‘V’ in ‘Recovery’

The bears' apparent victory was stolen from them today, with stocks jumping and showing new signs of strength. Read Article

The Stock Market Rebound Gets Real

The name of Tuesday's game was risk, risk, risk as commodities and high-yield bonds coursed higher alongside stocks. Read Article

The RSI Says It’s Time to Buy (IWM, SPY)

This technical indicator is giving off oversold reasons on both large caps (SPY) and small caps (IWM). Read Article

6 Reasons the Selloff Isn’t Over

Discover the six biggest reasons the market selloff isn't over -- and what you should do about it. Read Article

IBM Can’t Hold Stocks Back; AAPL Pops After Hours

The markets finished Monday off with a low-volume win as Wall Street looked ahead to Wednesday's Fed announcement. Read Article

A Bounce Is Coming (Of the Dead-Cat Variety)

A short-term relief bounce appears to be setting up, with the Russell 2000 looking ready to lead the way. Read Article

Don’t Fear the MLP Selloff

The market is punishing MLPs, but insiders like ETE's Kelcy Warren are aggressively buying. Read Article

The Stock Market Will Be Fine (Sooner Than You Think)

Despite the terrifying stock market headlines and the all the gloom and doom, this dip is actually more of a reason to buy -- soon -- than a reason to sell Read Article

Stocks Step Back From the Abyss … Will It Last?

Stocks took a plunge on Wednesday, but recovered before the close. But how long can they stave off the correction? Read Article

5 Financial Stocks to Sell Before They Crash

Financial stocks are sure to be the next sector to take a hit in the selloff. Here are five stocks to sell. Read Article

Bulls Struggle to Stop Stock Market Slide

More warning signals continue to pop up across the markets, though at such oversold levels, stocks might be due for a short-term rebound. Read Article

Wall Street Washout Gets Serious

Now that the pressure has shifted from small-cap stocks to the mega caps, expect the selling to continue. Read Article