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Fintech Streamlines Socially Responsible Impact Investing Via Robo-Advisors

Fintech is making investing easy and personal. Socially responsible investing, with a digital robo-advisor gives you the chance to change the world while you make money. Read Article

How Your Mind Influences Your Investing — Without Your Knowledge

Mental money mistakes can hurt your returns. Recognize and avoid common behavioral finance biases and become a better investor. Read Article

Can a Digital Financial Advisor Completely Replace a Human?

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You Don’t Have to Pay Investing Fees Anymore

Free investing is a reality. No more mutual funds with 8.5% commissions. Now you often get free trades and free investment management. Read Article

7 Tools for Financial Advisors to Slash Time and Boost Efficiency

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Where to Get a White Label Robo-Advisor for My Financial Planning Practice?

A white label robo-advisor will cut costs, increase efficiency and allow financial advisors to broaden their client services. This frees up time for you to serve the distinct needs of your clients. Read Article

7 Easily Overlooked Tax Deductions and Credits

When it comes to tax time this year, there are tax deductions and credits that can save you tons of money. Read Article

7 Tips for Financial Planners to Gain a Competitive Edge

Technology, social media, networking and more will give your financial planning practice an edge. Keep up with the times and promote your own brand to build your clients with these tips for financial planners. Read Article

After Dow 26,000, Are Investors Walking Into a Trap?

The uptrend in the Dow Jones is accelerating, pushing the index to Dow 26,000. Should investors take money off the table? Read Article

How to Watch the Treasury Yield Curve for Clues

One of the most reliable tools analysts have turned to for decades is the Treasury yield curve. Here's how to use it to your advantage. Read Article

How the Bitcoin Bubble Will Burst

The failure of ICOs to meet their promises threatens to crash the value of the Bitcoins being used to fund them. Read Article

How to Get the Best Checking Account

Finding the best checking account for your needs can help you in the long run. Here are several things to consider when looking at checking accounts. Read Article

3 Energy Stocks Under Pressure From Hurricane Irma

Another major is hurricane is spinning toward an American coastline. And yet again, the energy sector is responding. Read Article

What to Expect From Oil & Gas After Hurricane Harvey

After Harvey, refineries will start to come back online, causing an increase in demand for crude oil. Read Article

The Not-So-Crazy Case for $10,000 Bitcoin

All-time highs aren't always ceilings. Bitcoin prices have gone parabolic, but a doubler-plus from here is doable. Read Article

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies Are in a Scummy Bubble

Bitcoin has spawned a lawless industry filled with scammers. Without government to protect you, all cryptocurrency traders are on their own. Read Article

2 Gold Stocks, 2 Silver Stocks to Buy Amid North Korea Crisis

With the North Korea crisis primed to get uglier, gold stocks and silver stocks have recaptured Wall Street's attention. Read Article

How To Prepare For A New Interest Rate Regime: Focus On Reliable Income

For four decades, investors have gotten a boost from falling interest rates. Now it’s more important than ever to focus on reliability of investment income. Read Article

5 Best Student Credit Cards of the Summer

Point your college student in the direction of these credit cards, which offer attractive rewards and benefits to provide a solid foundation of financial support. Read Article

3 Steps to Successfully Renting Your First Apartment

Renting your first apartment away from campus doesn't have to be a pain. Follow these three steps to ensure you don't get a raw deal. Read Article