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Sin Stocks

Coca-Cola Is the New Tobacco

No one will confuse the sugary taste of cola and a cigarette drag, but from an investment standpoint, these products' makers are becoming increasingly similar. More 

Beer’s Biggest Battlegrounds Are Overseas

Gaining Corona and other beers is a big deal for Constellation Brands, but the U.S. beer market is flatter than a week-old keg of Budweiser. More 

DoJ Shoots Down Constellation Brands’ Shooting Star

The torpedoing of the Modelo-Bud merger has deprived Constellation Brands of a much-needed shot in the arm. More 

Diageo Sitting on the Cusp of a Whisky Boom

A distillery boom under way in Scotland shows the strength of the Scotch boom -- a promising sign for Diageo, one of the best names in the business. More 

A Hangover Is Looming for Hard-Partying Booze Stocks

2012 was the party to end all parties for booze stocks. But with prices reflecting buyouts that just aren't coming, 2013 could be rough for BEAM, BF.B and others. More 

Beer Stocks: The Keg Party Is Overseas

Molson Coors has missed the party in emerging markets, but it still provides cheap income. Get the bottom line on TAP. More 

Investing in Booze? You Should Drink to That

Beer/wine/liquor stocks are among the market's hottest in 2012. But if you're not already in, you've got time -- long-term trends point to more success ahead. More 

Naughty or Nice Part II: 5 Delightfully Sinful Dividend Stocks

Companies in the tobacco, alcohol and defense industries tend to trade at lower valuations and sport higher dividend yields than the broader market. Here are five naughty picks to consider. More 

Stop Trading When You Lose Control of Your Emotions

Getting on Facebook and finding out you hate Zynga is not a reason to trade in either stock, but it's a reason investors make bad choices More 

Not All Sin Stocks are Created Equal

Sin stocks are running on 52-week highs, but tobacco is the long term stock winner over gaming and alcohol with a history of dividends and growth More