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Sin Stocks

Sin stocks include casino stocks

Sin stocks include casino stocks

Sin stocks are in the businesses of alcohol, smoking, gambling, weapons, etc. Basically, society deems a company or industry immoral if the profits come from taking advantage of human vices. Despite their bad reputations, sin stocks are often reliable investments.

Sin stocks are in businesses that depend on human nature, which almost guarantees that those businesses will always have a perpetual income of consumers — and sometimes even largely out-perform the market — regardless of economic conditions. Still, analysts often undervalue sin stocks because of their stigmas. So, investors who can live with themselves can confidently buy and see their sin stocks generate tons of shareholder value.

Sin stocks also enjoy wide margins and steady profits for lack of competition. Some of the most famously frowned-upon sin stocks are Altria Group (MO), Diageo (DEO), Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and Philip Morris (PM).

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