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What TWTR Investors Need to Know Before Tuesday’s Earnings

The internet sector's other earnings reports have been merely mediocre, and most of those stocks rallied. TWTR could do the same -- or even better -- if the Twitter earnings numbers merely roll in as predicted. More 

A Pair of TWTR Option Plays Before Twitter Earnings

Guessing gap direction for TWTR stock looks to be a crapshoot, based on its stock price history. But either of these option spreads should be profitable. More 

Why Twitter Execs Will Stop Selling TWTR Stock Now

Twitter Inc executives have stopped selling the company's stock following criticism that constant sales are hurting its price. More 

Twitter Update: TWTR Rolls Out New Direct Messaging Feature

Twitter is rolling out a couple of new direct messaging features. Find out more about the new Twitter update here. More 

Bloomberg Down: Major Outage Hits Trading Terminals

Bloomberg trading terminals across the world were down on Friday and many traders has to postpone their work until they cam back online. More 

Twitter Rolls Out New Star Wars Emoji

In anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars movie, Twitter has released new Star Wars emojis. Check them out. More 

5 High-Growth Stocks to Buy

Mobileye, Palo Alto Networks and Twitter are three of just a handful of growth stocks truly worth owning for the long haul. More 

Google’s Buyout of Twitter Would Be Positive for GOOG

If GOOG goes ahead and merges with Twitter, it would significantly aid the company's mobile and social efforts. More 

Fight for $15: Fast Food Workers Across US to Protest Wednesday

The fight for $15 an hour minimum wage is in full force today as protests spread to 200 cities in 30 countries across the world. More 

5 Big Mergers We Could See Soon

Netflix, Celgene, Exxon and Twitter are just some of the major names we could -- and maybe should -- see involved in mergers soon. More