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TWTR: Katy Perry Makes Big MH17 Blunder on Twitter

Katy Perry made a huge gaffe on Twitter (TWTR) when she lamented the loss of 100 UNICEF volunteers on the MH17 flight. More 

TWTR News: Twitter Direct Messages to Get an Upgrade

Twitter (TWTR) will transform its direct messages feature into a private chat application. TWTR stock is up more than 2% Monday afternoon. More 

TWTR: Why Twitter Stock Just Became a Laughing Stock

Will new metrics be enough to get Twitter stock moving higher again? Based on initial reactions, the answer likely will be "no." More 

TWTR News: Twitter to Buy Mobile Payment Company CardSpring

Twitter, announced via its blog on Wednesday, that is has agreed to buy CardSpring, a company that deals in mobile payments. More 

Twitter Fail: Jason Biggs Apologizes for Malaysian Airline Tweet

Jason Biggs is catching flak over a Tweet about the Malaysian Airline flight that went down on Thursday and has apologized for it. More 

FB News: Facebook Tests New ‘Buy’ Button

Facebook is testing a "Buy" button that allows users to make purchases through ads without ever leaving the social media website. More 

How to Invest in IPOs via Mutual Funds and ETFs

It's difficult to learn how to invest in IPOs. However, some mutual funds and ETFs give investors entry to new issues like the Alibaba IPO. More 

TWTR: Twitter Pressured to Release Workforce Diversity Report

Twitter is being pressured into releasing a report of the diversity in its workforce following similar ones put out by Facebook and Google. More 

TWTR: Former Twitter Employee Sues for Age Discrimination

Peter Taylor, a former Twitter employee, is suing the social media company for alleged age discrimination that caused him to lose his job. More 

Tencent Aims High in China E-Commerce

Tencent's new WeChat advertising platform will be another boost to its bottom line, and another reason to own TCEHY. More