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4 Stocks Heating Up in 2011

Get in before these stocks explode higher

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This article originally appeared on Traders Reserve.

The market volatility is enough to make many investors sick — up triple digits one day, and down triple digits the next. But the market is still trading a bit lower that it was in mid-February, and I believe stocks are cheap here.

But cheap doesn’t always mean good. So I’ve put together a list of the best stock picks for 2011. (Get all 10 of my Top Stocks to Own for 2011 here.) The stocks on this list are all benefiting from strong global trends, and I expect them to really explode this year.

China-Biotics (CHBT)

China-Biotics (NASDAQ: CHBT)China-Biotics (NASDAQ: CHBT) provides research and development, production, marketing and distribution of microbial products in China. The company is a leader in the intestinal microbial balance market. The live microorganisms protect against high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

My attraction to the stock is from a valuation and growth perspective. Estimates for profits in the year ending March 2011 are at $1.67 per share. That puts the forward earnings multiple at 7 times. The estimate for 2012 is $2.19 per share. That is more than 30% earnings growth that can be bought for a single-digit multiple. Are you kidding me? This is the steal of the century, and if I was forced to pick a favorite stock for 2011, this would be the name I would choose.

Atwood Oceanics (ATW)

Atwood Oceanics (NYSE: ATW)Offshore drilling for oil took a big hit last year with the British Petroleum (NYSE: BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the disaster last year, offshore drilling is here to stay and, like it or not, grow as time goes by.

From an investor perspective, the oil spill creates opportunity to buy stocks tied to offshore drilling. Many in the group, including top stock pick Atwood Oceanics (NYSE: ATW), saw share prices plummet. With oil prices more likely to increase than fall in 2011, investors have a real opportunity to make money on stocks like Atwood.

ATW trades for less than 10 times trailing and forward earnings. Those earnings will likely be higher in 2011. Multiple expansions, plus earnings that are higher than expected, create an opportunity for outsized gains.

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