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7 Top Global Dividend Stocks to Buy

Look beyond our borders for generous yields with greater growth potential

By InvestorPlace Experts

Go Global for Bigger Dividends, Growth

GlobeHow is a prudent, conscientious person supposed to retire these days? The mutual fund industry tells you to invest in their low-dividend (or no-dividend) funds and hope the capital gains will be enough to carry you through. As we’ve seen in the past decade, though, the gains don’t always materialize when you need them. What then?

High-dividend stocks. Rather than buying an index fund yielding only 1.8%, you should choose carefully among high-dividend stocks. And while there are dividend stocks on our own shores that may fit the bill, investors who are willing to look beyond our borders can find generous yields with greater growth potential.

Here are seven top global dividend stocks to buy:

Dividend Stock #1 – Cellcom Israel (CEL)

Cellcom Israel (NYSE: CEL)Recommended by: Richard Band, Editor, Profitable Investing

Cellcom Israel (NYSE: CEL), Israel’s largest wireless carrier with 34% of the market, just declared its first quarterly dividend for 2011 — the equivalent of 85.7 cents (U.S.) per share. Annualized, that works out to a super-sweet yield of almost 11%!

CEL hands over virtually all its profits to shareholders as dividends, so there’s a chance the company may have to trim the payout in future quarters if business hits a speed bump. On the other hand, this “pay it all out” policy (similar to the approach taken by most U.S. master-limited partnerships) imposes rigorous capital allocation discipline on management. In short, Cellcom execs don’t waste money.

Buy dividend stock CEL on a pullback below $33.

Dividend Stock #2 – Aberdeen Chile Fund (CH)

Chilean FlagRecommended by: Bryan Perry, Editor, Cash Machine

One of my mega-themes for 2011 (and beyond) is the emergence of certain South American countries toward becoming developed nations. At the forefront of this movement, most would argue for Brazil, but within the past year, it has become evident that Chile might be the first to become a comparable neighbor to that of its northern counterparts, the United States and Canada.

Because many of the companies that thrive in the Chilean economy are not listed here in the United States, I find it suitable to embrace the Chilean investment theme with the purchase of the Aberdeen Chile Fund (AMEX: CH), a closed-end fund that has been a star performer in 2010. CH traded ex-dividend on March 29, and after hitting $23, it is now trading back down to support near $21 where a good entry point can be established while locking in a 9.61% dividend yield. Shares of CH should make their way back to $26. Buy CH up to $22.

Dividend Stock #3 – Telkom Indonesia (TLK)

Telkom Indonesia (NYSE: TLK) Recommended by: Richard Band, Editor, Profitable Investing

The mantra here is “free cash flow.” In recent years, Telkom Indonesia (NYSE: TLK), the dominant provider of both fixed-line and wireless communications in sprawling Indonesia, has poured huge sums into upgrading its networks. Now the company has the luxury of throttling back a bit.

Starting in 2011, each sales dollar (rupiah, actually) will generate more profit — along with a surge of cash that can be distributed to shareholders. I predict, in fact, that Indonesia’s largest telco will boost its dividend more than 30% by 2013 (from a 2010 base). That’s the kind of growth you want in retirement! Current yield, based on my estimate of 2011 dividends, is 4.8%. Buy TLK up to $36.

Dividend Stock #4 – ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund (IAE)

Asia MapRecommended by: Bryan Perry, Editor, Cash Machine

We are witnessing the re-acceleration of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) following a period of consolidated growth. The BRICs are enjoying renewed gross domestic product (GDP) expansion in the first quarter of 2011, especially China, and revving up for a strong year following a full six-month correction.

Pacific Rim countries will lead the way, making the ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund (NYSE: IAE) an attractive buy after trading ex-dividend on April 1. With the stock sitting right on its 200-day moving average at $18.50, sporting a current dividend yield of 9.12%, it’s timely to pick up some shares. Buy IAE under $21.

Dividend Stock #5 – CPFL Energia S.A. (CPL)

CPFL Energia S.A. (NYSE: CPL)

marketing copy

Recommended by: Louis Navellier, Global Growth

It is a well-known fact that electricity consumption grows faster than the rate of growth of the economy. This is because as people build their wealth, they consume more. They buy bigger houses, they get more appliances and technology and such. Also, as industries enter a growth phase, they tend to use more power.

Because of the above characteristics, electric utilities in emerging markets are the first to see their businesses flourish. Brazil’s CPFL Energia S.A. (NYSE: CPL) distributes electricity to 6.4 million customers in about 570 communities, primarily in the states of Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. CPFL Energia also owns hydroelectric power plants and trades wholesale power in the open market and offers energy management services. Management estimates show that the company provides about 13% of Brazil’s electricity.

The company currently has a 6.9% dividend yield and should also benefit from a strong “currency tailwind” from the Brazilian real. The Brazilian real is a very strong currency as the central bank there maintains the highest real interest rates among major emerging economies. The shares offer a rare combination of both a high dividend yield and high growth rates, which makes them a great buy. Currently trading around $88, buy CPL on a pullback.

Dividend Stock #6 – Telenor (TELNY)

Telenor (OTC: TELNY) Recommended by: Richard Band, Editor, Profitable Investing

Why would you want to own a telco in Norway? For one thing, as a hedge against the ruinous financial policies of the U.S. government. Thanks to prudent management of the country’s oil revenues, Norway has run a budget surplus every year since 1995. The Norwegian currency (krone), in which Telenor (OTC: TELNY) reports its profits (and pays its dividends), is sounder than both the euro and the U.S. dollar.

But there’s more to this story. TELNY has expanded far beyond its Norwegian base, with mobile and broadband operations in Sweden, Denmark, central and eastern Europe, plus five Asian countries. As a result, little-known Telenor is one of Europe’s fastest-growing telecom businesses. Sales will likely pass $19 billion in 2011. Current yield: 4.2%. Dividends have nearly quadrupled over the past seven years. This year’s dividend amounts to only about half of TELNY’s estimated 2011 profits, so an increase of 10% or so seems probable when the board declares next year’s payout. Buy TELNY on a pullback below $49.

Dividend Stock #7 – SeaDrill (SDRL)

SeaDrill Ltd. (NYSE: SDRL) Recommended by: Bryan Perry, Editor, Cash Machine

SeaDrill Ltd. (NYSE: SDRL) is a unique opportunity for income investors seeking a pure play on deep-water drilling outside the post-BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The company was formed in 2005, and owns the most state-of-the-art drilling equipment in the entire industry that commands premium day rates. It is in big demand with utilization rates running near100% as big oil deposits become harder to find without going deep.

These guys operate all over the world in 15 countries on four continents, owning 54 rigs with exposure to only one rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of their drilling activity is off the coast of Norway and South Asia, so it has no exposure to the now unstable Middle East. However, news of ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia upping drilling production is hugely positive news for the oil and gas drilling sector. It confirms the belief that the worldwide drilling rig count will rise as well as day rates for the balance of 2011.

Shares of SeaDrill stand to trade significantly higher than its current price of $36.50, while paying a dividend yield of 7.5%. Buy SDRL under $40.

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