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5 Stocks to Survive a Wicked Downturn

These stocks are too cool for a market meltdown

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Another company in the same vein as Coca- Cola is restaurant giant McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD). The biggest fast-food seller in the world, McDonald’s serves up more burgers, fries and shakes on a daily basis than most restaurant chains serve up in an entire year. Over the past several years, McDonald’s outstanding top and bottom lines have been fed by hungry international consumers. The growth in international markets has helped MCD supersize their share price more than 300% during the past 10 years.

As citizens across the globe continue to get a taste of McDonald’s, investors likely will continue getting a taste of those huge MCD share price gains. Think of it this way: Recession or no recession, bull or bear market, people still are going to order Happy Meals — and that’s likely to keep MCD shareholders very happy.

Phillip Morris International

As more and more consumers around the globe become able to afford life’s little luxuries, more and more also are able to afford life’s little vices. Although it might not be the hip thing to do here in America, smoking cigarettes is a habit that’s still burning bright throughout the world. In fact, the habit is particularly robust in the emerging markets of Asia, and that’s helped tobacco giant Phillip Morris International (NYSE:PM) earn big bucks from international sales.

As the middle class in emerging Asia continues to grow, more people are likely to buy cigarettes, and that means more big profits for Phillip Morris International, regardless of whether the Dow is down 500 points or if the U.S. unemployment rate remains north of 9%.


The personal technology juggernaut has practically become its own asset class, and that’s kept Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares tasting sweet even while the rest of Wall Street sours. The stock is up nearly 14.5% year to date while the S&P 500 now is down over 5% in 2011. It seems as though nothing can stop Apple from posting record earnings, and until we see a real change in the consumer’s palate for all things made by the tech giant, look for Apple to keep investors’ portfolios full of nutrition. Regardless of the general market’s woes, or a decline in the economy, an Apple a day in your portfolio will help keep the bear away.

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