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McDonald’s: No More Meat from Abusive Plant

The fast food chain continues to step up its standards for beef


A slaughterhouse is under investigation following the release of a video showing lame and sick cows being beaten, kicked shot and shocked in order to get them to walk to slaughter. And McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD), for one, isn’t putting up with it.

The fast food chain suspended purchases of meat from the slaughterhouse, saying that the behaviors were unacceptable and beneath its standards.

The restaurant isn’t alone. Regional chain In-N-Out Burger, which got at least 20% of its meat from the plant in question, and discount chain Costco (NASDAQ:COST) also severed their ties.

And the USDA, which bought 21 million pounds of beef from the company last year — much of it for the U.S. school lunch program — did the same.

The effort to demand better quality from meat suppliers has been a recent trend. “Pink slime” caused a stir earlier this year and in the end both McDonald’s and the school lunch program suspended purchases of that meat as well.

On top of that, McDonald’s announced a plan to phase out inhumane hog crates in the beginning of the summer, while Burger King (NYSE:BKC) and Wendy’s (NASDAQ:WEN) have made similar moves.

It is unknown how much beef McDonald’s had been purchasing from the abusive plant, but a spokesperson says the amount was in the single digits.

McDonald’s has also been pushing to offer more chicken in its restaurants, especially as beef prices continue to shoot up significantly in the wake of the drought. Between that trend and the small supply, it does not seem like the fast food chain should be affected all-that-much.

No evidence has surfaced yet to show that cows from either slaughterhouse were sick, but the plant has been closed pending further investigation.

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