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5 Bunker-Worthy Dividend Stocks to Protect You From Disaster

Sometimes, it really is better to be safe than sorry

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Top Dividend Stocks to BuySome people are optimists by nature and don’t really worry that much about what might happen should things go wrong. Others plan ahead and prepare for the worst.

It’s not that folks in this latter group wish for bad things to happen — it’s just that, should push come to shove, they think it’s better to be prepared.

Count me as a member of this second group … particularly when it comes to the stock market in 2013. Call us “worriers,” call us  “proactive,” call us whatever you want, but don’t call us to apologize if things head south in the second half of the year and you’re caught buying stocks at peak valuations.

China is slowing down and battering emerging markets as its commodity demand cools. Europe remains mired in recession and debt fears. America’s economy is slogging along with persistently high unemployment and stagnant revenue at blue chips … not a whole lot to be cheery about.

So now is the time to be defensive and look at bunker-worthy dividend plays that will keep stable in the event of a downturn, but won’t be left behind if the rally keeps running for a while. Think of them as non-perishable emergency supplies like water, canned food and batteries.

Here are five dividend stocks to stock up on, just in case:

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