April Fool’s Day Jokes 2015: Today’s 5 Best Internet Pranks

It’s April 1 and that means the April Fool’s Day jokes are in full swing.

april-fool's-day-jokesSeveral crafty companies and organizations have given it their all this year to come up with some of the best April Fool’s Day jokes to celebrate the holiday with. While some of the pranks were believable, other just fell flat.

Click on to check out the best April Fool’s Day jokes of 2015 in the following gallery.

April Fool’s Day Jokes: Google Maps Pac-Man

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG,NASDAQ:GOOGL) has a history of releasing fun jokes on April 1 and they’ve done it again this year.


Those in for a good gag for the holiday that won’t upset anyone should head over to Google Maps. The service has a new button that will convert the streets on the map into a Pac-Man level. The kicker: it’s actually playable!

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April Fool’s Day Jokes: Motor Mouth

BMW released a fake mouth guard as its April Fool’s day prank.

Source: BMW

The BMW mouth guard brand, named “Motor Mouth”, promises to give rugby athletes “the same impact protection” as those that drive the manufacturer’s cars. The mouth guards were designed to look like a car’s grill.

Honda also jumped in on the April Fool’s Day fun.

April Fool’s Day Jokes: Selfie Car

Honda Motors (NYSE:HMC) released a video today announcing the HR-V Selfie Edition.

Source: Honda

The fake car is a hybrid that comes equipped with a equipped with 10 cameras to make it easy for drivers to grab the perfect selfie. However, the comapny warns that this feature should only be used while the car is parked.

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April Fool’s Day Jokes: The Force

Scientist at CERN jumped in on the April Fool’s Day celebration with a humorous Tweet.

Source: CERN

The organization announced via Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) that it had discovered The Force, that mystical power in the Star Wars franchise. The Tweet was accompanied by a press release that detailed how the galaxy is held together by The Force.

Samsung announced a new product to celebrate April Fool’s Day with.

April Fool’s Day Jokes: Galaxy BLADE Edge

For April Fool’s day, Samsung released the fake Galaxy BLADE edge.

Source: Samsung

The Galaxy BLADE edge is a kitchen knife that allows users to cook and call all at the same time. The device is claimed to combine “smartphone capabilities” with a “razor-sharp diamond edge” for the tech savvy chef.

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