Buy the Apple Stock Pullback, And Soon! (AAPL)

Apple stock - Buy the Apple Stock Pullback, And Soon! (AAPL)

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Some say you can’t trade Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). However, the evidence suggests otherwise. Specifically, one particular Apple stock trade looks appetizing ahead of next week’s iPhone 7 debut.

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Let’s take a look.

Just over a month ago, our takeaway on shares of AAPL broached a bearish point of view. I was admittedly wrong. Apple Stock is up about 2% from that point.

Evidence of an overbought rally into chart resistance didn’t look good. So mostly “better-than-feared” analyst relief, rather than more convincing upgrades on the heels of Apple’s earnings results, served to support our bearish position on the tech giant.

I still feel that my prior stance was a well-reasoned one. Nonetheless, it’s time to think differently and trade AAPL not as a long-term holder, but as an opportunistic short-term bull.

AAPL Stock Daily Chart

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Over the past few weeks, Apple shares have broken above the 200-day simple moving average and down-channel resistance line. The bullish price action set the stage for a decent rally to fresh relative highs before reversing into a methodical-looking pullback.

Currently, a doji decision candle is confirming a low for the minor correction. This is backed up by Apple stock’s Bollinger Band and former channel resistance, which are acting as technical support.

There is a potentially bearish lower high to consider and possibly a big pre-earnings, bullish gap to fill. But as I’ve offered, the overall situation allows for a low-risk opportunity to get long Apple stock.

How to Trade Apple Stock  

Apple’s iPhone 7 debut comes next week. Thus, even a good-looking setup in AAPL could quickly turn sour thanks to event risk. (Though we believe product disappointment has already been baked in.)

After reviewing Apple’s options, a long September $108/$110/$112 call butterfly looks attractive thanks to its positioning and low-risk, high-reward potential. This position trades for about 25 cents, and limits its risk to the debit if Apple stock fails to climb above $108 at expiration — a bit more than two weeks out.

If the worst for the iPhone 7 is priced in and AAPL rallies, a max return of $1.75 or 700% is possible at $110. That’s essentially targeting this month’s recent high of $110.23 as the sweet spot for the spread.

The downside to this Apple stock spread is below $108 or much more unlikely, above $112, as the entire premium paid would be lost at expiration. Additionally, profit expectations do need to be managed.

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