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Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Is Finally Falling Apart

Thinking of shorting SNAP stock? Use this bearish vertical instead.

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SNAP Stock Bear Put Spread Strategy

Reviewing SNAP’s options and with earnings, or a lack thereof, on the horizon in early May; I like using a bearish vertical for positioning. The vertical limits risk to a defined amount and cuts down additional options risks as the spread is contract neutral.

With shares of SNAP at $20.93, the May $20/$18 bear put spread is priced for 65 cents. If the stock heads lower, the max payout of $1.35 occurs if SNAP is below $18 at expiration. To break even, this trader would need shares to drop to $19.35. That’s marginally below last week’s pivot and in effect, would break the bullish higher low pattern.

In the interim and should SNAP begin to decline sooner rather than later, profits will slowly begin to accrue. Ultimately though, verticals like this are a compromise, as the safety features of lesser Greek risks works both ways.

Bottom line though, this type of position isn’t as likely to disintegrate either … now that’s something I’d definitely snap.

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