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6 iPhone X Issues Apple Inc. Has to Deal With

From freezing in cold weather to the iPhone X display “green line of death,” here are all the issues AAPL is tracking with its new flagship

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) appears to be enjoying a successful iPhone X launch. It has certainly been smoother than rival Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) Pixel 2 XL. However, the iPhone X has suffered from a growing list of issues and, like the PIxel 2 XL, many appear to be related to its new OLED display. There hasn’t been anything bad enough yet to spook investors — AAPL stock remains near record highs — but the iPhone X display may yet prove to be a problem that impacts sales.

6 iPhone X Issues Apple Inc. Has to Deal With
Source: Apple

Here’s a listing of each iPhone X issue currently being tracked.

Buzzing Speaker

The most recent round of complaints began popping up over the weekend. According to the complaints, when used as a speakerphone at high volumes, the iPhone X earpiece speaker can buzz or crackle.

Green Line of Death on iPhone X Display

This iPhone X issue has been dubbed “the green line of death.” It’s a bright green line that runs from top to bottom on an affected iPhone X display. Although it doesn’t actually “kill” the iPhone, the persistent line does ruin its appearance and interferes with some apps. Apple has reportedly been replacing affected iPhones.

iPhone X Freezes in Cold Weather

Just as winter weather hit the northeast, reports began surfacing that the iPhone X display becomes sluggish and then stops responding in cold weather. Apple has confirmed this issue and says it will address it in a software update.

Face ID Can be Fooled

Apple has denied reports that it lowered its requirements for the sensors, projector array and cameras used in its Face ID camera in order to speed up iPhone X production. And while Face ID has proven secure in testing, it may not be as infallible as initially claimed.

Apple has warned that its biometric security can’t distinguish between identical twins, but there are reports that it may have trouble distinguishing between siblings as well. And within a week, hackers claimed to have fooled FaceID with a 3D printed mask.

The Most Breakable iPhone Ever

Testing has shown that the all-glass iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone Apple has ever released. Even a drop from just three feet is likely to shatter the iPhone X display and back. And that drop sets new records for repair costs as well. Replacing a cracked iPhone X display will cost $279; if the back is cracked as well, the repair bill rises to a whopping $549. Good news for protective case makers, bad news for consumers.

However, the iPhone X repair costs may just convince owners to invest in AppleCare, reducing the cost to $199. AppleCare revenue is part of Apple’s growing Services division, which is increasingly important to AAPL stock, so there’s a potential upside to this one from an AAPL investor standpoint.

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