GM Self-Driving Taxis Could Debut in U.S. Cities in 2019

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) may be ready to launch self-riving taxis in 2019.

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General Motors Company is planning to use its Chevy Bolt vehicles for the self-driving taxis. It didn’t say where this service will be available, but San Francisco and New York City are safe bets. Self-driving Chevy Bolts are already in testing in San Francisco and GM previously said it would test in NYC.

GM’s push to launch self-driving taxis by 2019 will likely have it beating out rivals looking to do the same. However, other tech companies that have an interest in the technology are quickly moving forward with their own versions of self-driving cars.

GM is already confident about its self-driving cars and has even been letting some members of the press take test rides in them. Overall, the vehicles appear to perform well, with only a few minor issues. With this being the case, the company may really be ready to launch its taxi service in just a couple of years, reports The Verge.

While GM is preparing for self-driving taxis in 2019, there are still a few hurdles that it has to overcome first. One of the biggest problems it will have to deal with is regulators. Its one thing to have a self-driving car with a driver on standby, but this taxi service would likely just seek to let the cars handle all the driving.

Another issue that GM will have to deal with is setting up a social network for its taxi service. This will also put it directly in competition with companies like Uber and Lfyt, both of which are already strong presences in the ride-sharing industry.

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