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Cash In On HUYA Inc — ADR Stock Post-IPO

HUYA stock - Cash In On HUYA Inc — ADR Stock Post-IPO

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One type of IPO met another, less desirable kind during Tuesday’s session in HUYA Inc – ADR (NYSE:HUYA). Yet for bulls interested in buying on weakness but unsure what’s going to happen next, a bullish combined spread strategy means it’s “game on!” in HUYA stock today. Let me explain.

An IPO — or initial public offering — can be tricky business. There’s less price history on the chart and typically less coverage by analysts and the media alike. Such is the case for online-gaming outfit HUYA stock.

Additionally, smaller Chinese internet stocks like HUYA typically add another layer of difficulty in the investing process. A combination of an overseas domicile, having a business in the notoriously volatile technology space and (these days at least), a potential trade war between the USA and China make for riskier investing conditions.

Nevertheless, HUYA is an interesting proposition if we’re to believe the lonely sell-side coverage from Needham & Co. Following a recent earnings beat which sported triple-digit sales gains, the firm wrote HUYA stock is one to own as the company is the only listed, pure-play streaming game outfit available to investors, enjoys a robust content ecosystem, strong user metrics and has a scalable business model.

HUYA Stock Daily Chart

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Looking at the daily chart of HUYA stock, it might be said that the recent IPO met another classic type of IPO — “investors pulling out” — on Tuesday. Whatever the motivation of Tuesday’s investors, the price action was enough to establish a heavier and above-average session of distribution. It also saw shares produce a bearish engulfing pattern just removed from HUYA’s all-time-high.

What’s next? The expectation is that Tuesday’s bearish reversal isn’t likely to be a one-off event where bulls simply shake off the technical disturbance. But trying to figure out how deep and how long a correction will actually be is tricky business, especially with an IPO.

The good news is the options market in HUYA stock can allow a favorable margin of error and/or safety for bullish investors.

HUYA Stock Bullish Combined Spread Strategy

After reviewing HUYA’s options, one clever combined spread strategy which looks attractive is selling a below-the-market July $35/$30 put spread and purchasing the July $50/$60/$70 call butterfly. With shares at $42.72 and making amends for less-than-terrific liquidity in the options, the combination is conservatively priced for even money or no cost.

Given the price of admission, this spread trader enjoys profits between $50 and $70, with a max gain of $10 if HUYA stock landed at the center $60 call strike of the moderately bullish butterfly. Timing and price, of course, make the max profit unrealistic. And truthfully, the liquidity to unwind the trade would make $10 all but impossible to capture. That being said, substantial profits upwards of $9 would still exist in that type scenario.

The one caveat or compromise is if HUYA stock rallies more than 40% over the next month. If that occurred, shares would overshoot the butterfly’s nice size but not quite wide enough profit zone and result in a scratch for this trader. I personally see that as an acceptable risk.

On the downside and with the above-market butterfly effectively subsidized by the below-market put spread, this trader has $5 of HUYA stock risk. Nevertheless, with a break-even at $35, 17% below the current share price, and the full exposure wedged nicely between the 38% to 62% retracement levels, it’s time to shout “game on, bears!”

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