Pizza Hut Cheez-It Pizza Is Now a Thing

It's basically a Pizza Hut Cheez-It calzone

Pizza Hut Cheez-It Pizza is a thing now and we don’t really know what to think.

Pizza Hut Cheez-It Pizza Is Now a Thing
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Alright. Just work with me here. Imagine a Cheez-It for me. Now just take that and scale it up. Make it big enough to cover the palm of your hand. Sound good? But now that the Cheez- It is so large, it has all this empty space inside of it. So we fill that up with mozzarella cheese, and toss in some pepperoni if that’s your preference. That is what the new Pizza Hut Cheez-It Pizza is. Also, you can dip it in marinara.

Honestly, this seems like a weird one to me. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying it sounds bad. I’ve had plenty of weird food concoctions during my 28 years of life and there’s been stranger ones. Still, I have to really wonder how well this promotion will go.

Let’s take a journey on over to Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) to see how its users are reacting to the Pizza Hut Cheez-It Pizza.

  • “I am confused by the . . . scale of these. are they cheez-it-size mini-pizzas or regular-size slices enveloped by giant cheez-its? @pizzahut why are you doing this?”
  • Pizza Hut and Kellogg creating a stuffed Cheez-It pizza, because when you think good pizza, you think “cheddar” and “cracker,” and when you think snack, you think of a whole delivered “pizza” 🍕”
  • “Deleted my search for personal trainers so that i could look up pizza hut’s cheez it pizza… accurately describes my motivation.”
  • “So it’s Cheez-it flavored crust stuffed with mozzarella? I’ll try it!”
  • “Pizza Hut is offering a Cheez-It stuffed pizza. Holy constipation that sounds like something I gotta try!”

No matter the case, the Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM) chain seems to have an interesting menu item in the Pizza Hut Cheez-It Pizza.

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