How You Can Profit From the Hidden World of Short-Term Market Moves

Editor’s Note: This week, Stefanie Kammerman, editor of Dark Pool Trader, is taking over Trade of the Day to talk to you about predicting big shifts in the market before they happen.

If you’re an options trader always looking for the next big move in the market, Stefanie Kammerman’s work will shock and intrigue you.

Stefanie Kammerman here, and I want to share with you the story of how I joined the InvestorPlace team.

It was about four years ago in Las Vegas.

I was doing a broadcast with Matt McCall… and I told him LIVE ON AIR to keep an eye on the gold sector of the markets — because it was about to go up.

Gold had been going straight down for several years… so he was more than a little skeptical. And if you know Matt at all, you know he wasn’t shy about letting me know.

But sure enough, virtually right after our interview, gold took off just like I said it would.

A lot of people who follow my work saw the chance for amazing gains as the price of gold soared to a new three-year high. Almost no one saw this coming.

Not too long after that, pretty much the same scenario played out. I made another big and bold call on air. I said the dollar was headed for a big correction.

Again, Matt was skeptical. After all, the dollar had been stable for years. And frankly, at the time, he just didn’t believe in my work.

But again, I turned out to be right…

A little while after my prediction, the dollar dropped like lead weight out of a window.

I had made two big calls that most analysts completely missed, and Matt was impressed.

So after that, he followed my work. He figured anyone who can make two big calls like that is someone worth paying attention to.

Over the past few years, Matt and I got to know each other better… and we became not just colleagues, but friends.

And Matt recently helped me join InvestorPlace as its newest investing expert.

Now you can learn the secrets of my system. You can find out how investors use my system to spot Wall Street’s “hidden” trades — before they move the market — for the chance to make up to 500% in days.


Before we get to that, though, let me give you a peek at how it all works…

This is a one-year chart of the Boeing Co.’s (NYSE:BA) stock price.

As you can see, the big airplane maker’s stock bobbed up and down during the year. Some people would describe it as a “random walk.”

To almost everyone, short-term stock market moves like you see above are just “noise.” They’re unexplainable, unpredictable moves we should ignore while focusing on the long term.

That’s because we all know what makes stocks move over the long term: revenue and earnings. The more money a company takes in, the more it will be worth over the long term.

But most people have no idea what causes a stock to move over the short term. Most people have no idea what causes a stock to increase 10% over a few days… or what causes a stock to decrease 6% over a few days.

So, almost everyone says the markets short-term ups and downs are meaningless.

And when I hear that, my response is, “Good!”

That means more money for you and me.

I’m here to educate you on what causes these ups and downs — and how to capitalize on them in order to make a lot of money.

I am your resource for making short-term trades that can build long-term wealth.

I am a longtime investing expert, a former “prop firm” trader, and an author with a legendary status in the financial industry.

And now my life’s mission to help folks like you spot big moves in the market before they happen… and to profit off those moves.

I’ve called nearly every correction or crash before they happen — including the selloff we’re in now) — and I’ll help you protect yourself against losses.

I have been trading the stock market full time for more than 25 years. And I can tell you there are fortunes to be made from the short-term “noise” you see on stock charts like the Boeing one above.

In fact, one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets is how you can make hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars a year trading the market’s short-term ebbs and flows.

While most investors see meaningless, unpredictable squiggles on a chart, I see opportunities to rake in millions of dollars in profit for myself and members of my trading “club.”

You see, there’s an “order” to the stock market’s short-term ups and downs. Where most people see “noise,” I see “order”… stocks moving up and down in a way we can regularly profit from.

This is thanks to a hidden stock market phenomenon called “Dark Pools.”

Over the next week, you’re going to receive several messages from me where I’ll talk a lot about my deep knowledge of these “Dark Pools”… and how my trading system can work for you.

Stefanie Kammerman has devoted the past 26 years to studying the Dark Pool. After learning her trade at one of the biggest proprietary trading firms in the country, she left and began making a Wall Street-sized income, trading from home. Now she’s teaching others to do the same. Learn More.

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