Ethereum Chatter: 9 Top Twitter & Reddit Posts About High-Flying ETH Today

Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) chatter is heating up on Wednesday as the cryptocurrency rises in price.

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So why is there so much talk about Ethereum this morning? It all has to do with the crypto’s rising price. See, ETG passed the $4,000 mark this morning, which is the first time it’s even broken into that price range. Since then the cryptocurrency has continued to increase in value.

Let’s take a look at the latest Ethereum chatter from Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Reddit below.

“ETH hit an all time high in fiat denominated fees today. We should consider raising the gas limit a bit more or risk pricing a lot of people out of the ecosystem. L2 and ETH2 are still a ways away” — Crypto_Economist42

“I’ve been in foster family my whole life and a year ago i had to move out and live on my own. Got a job, invested in good pc and started mining eth. Over time i invested some of my income to Eth and today i have 2.4 ETH. Since i have job i can take a loan from the bank to buy my own apartment, the thing is i need to have 20% of apartments value (about 10k usd) and the other 80% is covered by bank. And today i accumulated that sum of money. AND I’M SO FUCKING HYPED I WILL HAVE MY OWN PLACE AT 22 LETS FUCKING GO!!! Anyway i wanted to thank you all on this and ethmine sub since i learned everything about crypto here, and wish you best of luck in life!” — SuperBoner6699

“There is current 4.3 million ETH (~18 billion USD) locked up in staking. There is no method of withdrawing those ETH and that number is only growing with over 4,000 validators in queue to come online over the next few days. That’s a lot of people with a lot of trust in ETH. I am super bullish on ETH because of this.” — themanofthedecade

“I’m relatively new to crypto and trading as i only started seriously around the beginning of January. I’ve been recently looking into buying in ethereum, but waiting for a dip to put money in. The problem is, it seems every day it grows larger and larger. Is it smart to invest right now or should i wait? sorry if this is a common question.” — HewasNumber_one1

ETH was up 8.4% over a 34-hour period Wednesday morning and is up 473.7% since the start of the year.

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