3 Under-The-Radar Metaverse Stocks to Make Your Move on Now


  • Here are the top three under-the-radar metaverse stocks to watch.
  • Matterport (MTTR): The company thrives with 10 million digital twins, 771K subscribers, an AI-driven Cortex engine and an innovative Pro3 camera.
  • Immersion (IMMR): The business aims for a prosperous future with haptic tech leadership, profitable licensing, strong IP protection and an R&D focus.
  • Roblox (RBLX): Roblox excels at creativity, user safety and AI-driven innovation, empowering creators and securing a promising future for investors.
Under-the-Radar Metaverse Stocks - 3 Under-The-Radar Metaverse Stocks to Make Your Move on Now

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The Metaverse stands out as a progressive frontier, and the boundless and immersive virtual universe continues to gain momentum. Savvy investors are eagerly seeking the following big players set to revolutionize this new era of interconnectedness. This article lists three under-the-radar Metaverse stocks quietly making waves in the industry.

The first one has been on a meteoric rise. Its AI-driven Cortex engine is at the heart of its success, enabling the creation of photorealistic digital replicas of physical spaces at an astonishing scale. That has caught the attention of major industry players, resulting in strategic partnerships that further fuel its growth.

On the other hand, the second one focuses on haptic technologies. It is bridging the gap between virtual and real-world interactions. With a strong patent portfolio and a commitment to innovation, it is well-positioned to lead the haptics industry, catering to the growing demand for tactile experiences in the digital landscape.

Meanwhile, the third one sets its sights on empowering creators and providing users with a safe and immersive platform. Its dedication to enhancing the user experience and enabling content creation through advanced tools has built a passionate community of developers and users, driving its impressive growth trajectory.

Matterport (MTTR)

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Matterport (NASDAQ:MTTR) is undeniably bullish in the Metaverse. One of the most impressive milestones is the exponential growth in spaces under management, surpassing 10 million digital twins. This significant achievement underscores the widespread adoption of Matterport’s platform. The company’s ability to increase productivity and reduce customer costs across various industries drives its success.

Notably, the robust subscriber base of 771,000 and strong enterprise adoption further cement Matterport’s position as a market leader in the digital twin industry. The company’s continuous focus on operating efficiency is also evident in its improved net loss per share of $0.07. MTTR has outperformed its guidance range and accelerated its path to profitability.

Interestingly, the heart of Matterport’s growth lies in its groundbreaking AI-driven 3D reconstruction engine, Cortex. As the only fully automated technology of its kind, Cortex enables the creation of thousands of dimensionally accurate, photorealistic digital twins every day. Also, with over 30 billion square feet of physical space digitized in over 177 countries, Matterport possesses a vast data library that propels its AI capabilities and unlocks vast potential.

Further, strategic partnerships with industry giants like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Autodesk’s (NASDAQ:ADSK) Construction Cloud are a testament to Matterport’s relevance and market influence. Consequently, these integrations drive enterprise digital transformation and streamline critical project management workflows, further expanding Matterport’s reach.

Lastly, the Pro3 camera has been a game-changer, revolutionizing 3D capture for the built world and garnering enthusiastic responses from customers. Meanwhile, Digital Pro has emerged as a cost-effective and innovative all-in-one property marketing solution, doubling the attach rate of digital twins in real estate listings.

Immersion (IMMR)

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Immersion (NASDAQ:IMMR) may deliver strong growth in the Metaverse, driven by its robust business strategy and innovative haptic technologies. Similarly, the company’s goals of maximizing profitable licensing opportunities, playing a leading role in the haptics industry, and enhancing user experiences in the digital realm are well aligned with the growing demand for immersive technologies.

Immersion’s strategic approach also drives adoption, monetization, innovation, fostering haptic standards and expanding markets and applications. By communicating the advantages of their patented innovations, licensing their technology to various industries and actively participating in industry bodies, Immersion may capitalize on the increasing interest in haptic technologies.

The haptics’ benefits, including tactile confirmation, realism and rich communication, resonate with various markets and devices. As the digital world evolves, users increasingly seek meaningful touch experiences. Strategically, Immersion’s technologies fulfill this demand, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world interactions.

With a robust patent portfolio of over 1,200 issued or pending patents worldwide, Immersion may protect its intellectual property and secure licensing agreements with customers and partners. This commitment to safeguarding its IP ensures a competitive advantage and is a strategic incentive for potential customers.

Furthermore, Immersion’s integrated licensing kit offerings, including reference designs, software, firmware and engineering and integration services, facilitate the seamless adoption of haptic technologies by licensees. This comprehensive approach empowers partners to create advanced haptic experiences in their products efficiently.

Fundamentally, the company’s focus on research and development (R&D), backed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, ensures the continuous relevance of its technologies in core markets. Finally, efficiently managing R&D costs allows Immersion to remain agile and adaptable to market demands, positioning the company for long-term value creation.

Roblox (RBLX)

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Roblox (NYSE:RBLX) may generate progressive growth in the Metaverse, driven by its focus on creativity and user experience. The company plans to empower creators with studio creation, advanced text prompts and Avatar creation, enhancing engagement on the platform. Safety is a priority, and Roblox uses AI to create a safer environment while minimizing false positives.

Looking ahead, Roblox will offer more creation tools for immersive experiences, attracting more users and increasing monetization opportunities. Collaboration with the open-source community ensures innovation without compromising on technology. Likewise, lowering the bar for content creation will drive user engagement and economic sustainability through efficient cost management.

Also, Roblox remains dedicated to its community of creators, providing accessible tools and opportunities. The company is bullish for investors, focusing on inferences about cost advantages and scalability. With enhanced tools, even novice creators can produce impressive content. Consequently, it is attracting a diverse range of developers and solidifying Roblox’s market leadership.

Utilizing generative AI and vast data sets from creators gives Roblox a competitive edge. The company continues to advance 3D object creation and other techniques to lead in the virtual world. Trust and safety are crucial, and AI moderation tools are developed to create a safe user environment.

Furthermore, Roblox envisions a future of personalized experiences to drive engagement and monetization. Improving search capabilities and enriching the social network will ensure tailored user content. The commitment to generative AI technology empowers creators to develop captivating experiences and drive economic systems’ efficiency.

Finally, combining growth and cost management, Roblox’s Rule of 40 approach ensures improved overall performance. The company has exhibited impressive growth, with a strong performance in 3Q and advancements in immersive ads. With a thriving user base, Roblox remains a promising investment choice.

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