Emerging Markets Stocks Are Gearing Up to Be Big Winners


Emerging markets stocks - Emerging Markets Stocks Are Gearing Up to Be Big Winners

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As I have argued previously for InvestorPlace, if stocks don’t crash, small-cap stocks and emerging markets stocks would likely be the biggest winners. Specifically, I wrote the following:

“Let’s say conditions do indeed favor credit spreads widening, as they have been doing recently, but an accident never comes. Let’s say the rally does persist into year-end, and the bulls are right. What’s the way to play it? Many would argue to just follow the playbook that’s already worked – large-cap tech stocks.

I disagree. If indeed markets were to continue to melt up and we get past the end of October, then I believe the play should be emerging markets and small-cap stocks on a return to breadth.

Why emerging markets? Because we are at a point now where the dollar’s strength, in the absence of a risk-off period, becomes harder and harder to justify. A turnaround in the dollar as risk-ON conditions return would help dollar-denominated assets overseas. Emerging market stocks would likely be beneficiaries of this.”

The move in small-cap stocks has clearly been playing out. When we look at the Russell 2000, the last 48 hours have been nothing short of breath-taking as a tremendous rush of money has gone into the very same “zombie companies” that lagged the “melt-up” this year on concerns of higher-for-longer rates.

If the move were to persist, I do think emerging markets stocks become the next momentum short-term beneficiary.

To be clear, as I noted on X and in The Lead-Lag Report itself, intermarket dynamics do not suggest this spike higher persists in the long term, and I very much maintain that investors are underappreciating the risk of “Phase 2” of the credit event.

But if there is more room to run into year-end, emerging market stocks could really be set to run. Why? Because if we are back to a more sustained risk-on environment AND the dollar were to fall further, it would be positive for foreign investments. Emerging market stocks tend to do well on a falling dollar, and, at least for now, the downtrend in the dollar seems to just be starting.

So, while I do think on a relative basis small-cap stock momentum can persist, a large rotation into emerging market stocks is a distinct possibility if indeed the short-term conditions persist in a positive way. And given just how poorly emerging markets have performed over the past decade, this seems like a good area to focus on.

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