7 Penny Growth Stocks to Buy for Multibagger Gains This Year


  • Altus Power (AMPS): A commercial-scale clean energy supplier positioned to benefit from surging electricity demand.
  • Pinstripes (PNST): An experiential dining and entertainment brand with ambitious expansion plans and strong revenue growth projections.
  • Wishpond Technologies (WPNDF): A SaaS provider of AI-powered marketing solutions that recently achieved profitability and expects accelerated sales growth moving forward.
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penny growth stocks - 7 Penny Growth Stocks to Buy for Multibagger Gains This Year

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When it comes to building wealth in the stock market, buying shares of quality companies early in their growth trajectories offers perhaps the most proven formula for life-changing returns. However, identifying those diamond-in-the-rough small caps before they become household names presents a major challenge. This is where undiscovered penny growth stocks come in.

Though ultra-speculative and high-risk overall, a select group of rapidly expanding businesses trading under $5 per share can transform early investors into millionaires if their disruptive potential is realized. Dedicating a small portion of portfolio capital to thoroughly vetted penny opportunities sets the stage for outsized rewards over time.

Of course, losses are equally likely with such speculative moonshot bets. But by targeting penny stocks with strong top-line growth, relatively sound financials, and clear paths to profitability, the odds of multibagger gains improve dramatically. As these thriving young companies scale up, their depressed share prices should eventually reflect the underlying fundamental progress. Let’s take a look!

Altus Power (AMPS)

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As a commercial-scale supplier of clean electric power across the U.S., Altus Power (NYSE:AMPS) is focused on expediting the transition to renewable energy nationwide. Through valuable partnerships and acquisitions that enhance growth and reinforce their competitive strengths, Altus has established a footprint across hundreds of sites in over 20 states.

There’s no denying Altus Power’s stock has underperformed recently, and their less-than-stellar financials certainly don’t inspire confidence. However, I believe that if you’re targeting multibagger returns this year, AMPS could deliver exactly that. The company seems poised for a financial turnaround as electricity demand swells thanks to escalating EV usage and surging power needs for AI data centers and cloud computing. Essentially, the macro backdrop looks bright for electricity providers like Altus.

Though Altus’ present financial position appears weak, analysts anticipate a dramatic improvement by 2025, including positive EPS. Even more impressive, earnings growth is expected to skyrocket 140% in 2026. At current prices, that means you’d be paying only around 18 times the estimated 2026 earnings – an undeniably cheap forward P/E ratio given that revenues are projected to double from 2024 to 2026.

It’s worth noting that Altus does have a track record of missing estimates, like when they undershot Q3 revenue projections by 14% and Q4 figures by 6%. However, given their stellar long-term growth runway, I believe the stock could still realistically deliver multibagger returns over the next few years. The projected growth is just too substantial to ignore.

Pinstripes (PNST)

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As an experiential dining and entertainment brand blending bistro fare, bowling, bocce ball and event hosting, Pinstripes (NYSE:PNST) has carved out a unique niche since its launch in 2007. Having expanded to 13 locations across nine states, Pinstripes aims to open over 100 new venues in the coming years.

The broader “eatertainment” industry appears poised for vigorous revenue expansion. However, risks remain in terms of successful execution and performance monitoring. Still, I’m bullish on Pinstripes’ potential to generate multibagger returns for patient investors given their strong cash reserves and ambitious growth strategy.

While PNST stock slid in late 2022, it has traded predominantly sideways in recent months. I expect shares to mount an impressive recovery this year. Analyst consensus calls for sales to climb from $122 million this year to $233 million by 2025. Though Pinstripes isn’t forecast to reach profitability over the next couple years projected losses seem manageable at under $10 million annually moving ahead. With $40 million now on the balance sheet, the company has ample capital to fund operations over the next four years as revenues scale dramatically higher. For these reasons, PNST remains a high-conviction penny pick in my book.

Wishpond Technologies (WPNDF)

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As a provider of online business solutions on a global scale, Wishpond’s (OTCMKTS:WPNDF) all-in-one platform empowers companies to boost marketing results, accelerate lead generation, streamline sales, optimize ad spend, boost customer referrals and improve conversion rates through AI-powered automation. This diverse functionality allows businesses to optimize their digital presence and unlock growth.

Typically, well-established SaaS marketing players trade at 10-20x forward sales while churning out substantial profits — a description that admittedly does not apply to Wishpond at current. Although the stock has plunged 66% over the trailing year, it can realistically achieve similar profitability and valuations in the years ahead given the recently renewed growth momentum.

In fact, Wishpond recorded a small profit last quarter to reverse previous losses. Looking ahead, analysts forecast annual sales growth will accelerate from 12% in 2023 to 31% by 2025. If Wishpond maintains this growth trajectory and margin expansion continues leading to sustained profitability, multibagger upside potential seems highly attainable here. Wishpond held a healthy cash position of $900,000 and zero debt as of September 2023. Management expects record top and bottom line results this year, powered by increased bundled software sales, larger sales teams and new AI-based product introductions.

NanoXplore (NNXPF)

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NanoXplore (OTCMKTS:NNXPF) manufactures and supplies high-volume graphene powder for diverse industrial markets. By incorporating graphene into plastics and composites, they enable enhanced products for customers across transportation, packaging, electronics and other sectors.

NanoXplore has immense upside potential as graphene demand swells exponentially over the coming years. The global graphene market is expected to rocket from $790 million in 2024 to $4.84 billion in 2029, expanding at a vigorous 43.64% CAGR. Nicknamed the “wonder material,” graphene boasts immense strength – 200 times stronger than steel at the same thickness — while remaining extremely lightweight.

Multiple catalysts point to possible outperformance of NanoXplore versus current projections. Analysts forecast revenue to leap from $96 million in 2024 to $189 million in 2027. However, as graphene use cases proliferate further, the company will handily beat estimates. NanoXplore’s massive production plant in Montreal stands as the world’s biggest graphene production facility, uniquely positioning them to capture surging market share.

SmartRent (SMRT)

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Despite recent sideways trading and declines, SmartRent (NYSE:SMRT) delivering compelling long-term gains as profitability draws nearer. As a foremost provider of smart home automation solutions for multifamily residences, SmartRent empowers property owners and managers to streamline operations via software and hardware that controls security, access, utilities and more.

With automation and AI commanding tremendous excitement lately, demand appears strong for SmartRent’s offerings as smart homes gain traction. Analysts model near breakeven in 2024, with profits materializing in 2025. At just 33x estimated 2026 earnings, SmartRent looks cheap compared to forecasted 20%+ annual revenue growth and ~30% annual margin expansion over the next four-plus years. With negligible debt and $215 million in cash, execution risk seems modest. Management guides to $260-$290 million revenue in fiscal 2024, marking SmartRent’s first year of positive adjusted EBITDA at $5-$8 million.

Copperleaf Technologies (CPLFF)

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Headquartered in Canada but selling globally, Copperleaf (OTCMKTS:CPLFF) provides software solutions leveraging operational and financial data to optimize asset investment decisions for organizations managing critical infrastructure assets.

As infrastructure spending booms, particularly in the U.S., Copperleaf is well-positioned to benefit by selling its software services to support better capital allocation. Recent results validate this thesis, with 20%+ annual revenue growth projected moving forward.

While profits have yet to materialize, Copperleaf surprised last quarter, exceeding EPS estimates by 42%. With $88 million in the bank and margins set to inflect positively, I believe profit compounding could ignite multibagger upside — though more likely beyond 2024 given early phase profitability. Still, long-term business momentum clearly points upward in my view.

ZOO Digital (ZDGGF)

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Offering cloud-localized and digital distribution solutions globally, ZOO Digital (OTCMKTS:ZDGGF) enables media content like movies and shows to be adapted for different languages and cultures while managing digital delivery. They also provide complementary software offerings related to those services.

No doubt ZOO Digital’s recent stock and financial performance has proven lackluster. However, beyond transient headwinds, I expect a return to healthy growth in the years ahead as profitability initiatives gain hold after the near-term decline. Case in point: ZOO Digital’s forecasted 3-year free cash flow and revenue growth rates stand at 144% and 36.3%, respectively. Trading at just $0.46, shares also look extremely inexpensive relative to $1.60 fair value estimate per GuruFocus. Once macro conditions stabilize, ZOO appears poised to capitalize on long-run, secular growth tailwinds.

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