Move Over Ozempic! 3 New GLP-1 Drugs and Products Coming Soon.


  • The market for GLP-1 drugs used to be rather concentrated among two key players, but that’s changing.
  • Him & Hers (HIMS) and Mangoceuticals (MGRX) have come out with some compelling options in this space.
  • Other companies are looking at alternative ways to capitalize on this trend in unsuspecting ways.
GLP-1 drugs - Move Over Ozempic! 3 New GLP-1 Drugs and Products Coming Soon.

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For investors looking at companies providing GLP-1 drugs, there are certainly plenty of factors to consider. This is a fast-growing market, but one also becoming increasingly competitive. Patients using these weight-loss drugs will likely look to switch toward oral medications over injectables over time, suggesting much more in the way of innovation needs to take place.

Some companies are providing this innovation in the weight loss market. I’m going to highlight three companies doing their best to create the best GLP-1 drugs that are safer and more efficient for patients.

The companies on this list aren’t Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY) or Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO), makers of high-profile GLP-1 antagonists Wegovy and Zepbound. Rather, these companies are looking to create the next wave of weight-loss drugs that could change the game completely.

Let’s dive in.

Hims & Hers (HIMS)

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Him & Hers (NYSE:HIMS) is yet another company that launched an injectable GLP-1 weight loss drug. However, one significant difference about Hims & Hers injectables and existing options on the market is their cheap price. The said GLP-1 drug is more affordable than Ozempic and Wegovy.

After the launch announcement, Hims & Hers’ shares rose nearly 30% on Monday. The company will start selling its drug at $199 per month, 85% less than other brands with the same active ingredient.

Through GLP-1 drugs, users will feel full and less hungry, which can lead to weight loss. However, other reputable and more known brands like Wegovy can be expensive. Wegovy retails at $1,350 a month, and that is still without insurance.

Hims & Hers Health’s new injectable GLP-1 drug, made by a manufacturer of compounded medications, promises consistent availability. Once the company’s supply improves, Him & Hers has plans to also sell brand-name GLP-1 drugs.

Users will need prescriptions according to their medical needs. But it’s clear the company will also capitalize on the surging demand for weight loss drugs. The oral weight-loss drug costs $79 monthly and is expected to raise $100 million in revenue by next year.

Mangoceuticals (MGRX)

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As a leader of men’s health and wellness products, Mangoceuticals (NASDAQ:MGRX) also released the oral version of its GLP-1 product. Already available in an injectible form, these drugs have shown excellent results during clinical tests.

Mangoceuticals’ oral formulations of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are poised to seize a substantial portion of this market, offering a convenient injection-free option. These drugs, renowned for their effectiveness in weight loss, have shown impressive results. Semaglutide users experienced an average weight loss of 15.2% over a year, and Tirzepatide users achieved 15.7%.

Patient preference studies consistently favored oral medications over injectables, likely boosting adoption rates and market growth. Transitioning to oral formulations offers patients a more accessible and convenient option, enhancing adherence and treatment outcomes.

MangoRx CEO Jacob Cohen expressed excitement about introducing “Slim” and “Trim,” oral versions of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, aiming to offer patients an effective and convenient weight management solution.

Nestle (NSRGY)

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Nestlé (OTCMKTS:NSRGY), known for its world-class brands like Stouffer’s and DiGiorno, introduced Vital Pursuit, a frozen meal line for GLP-1 drug users like Ozempic. These 12 portion-controlled, high-protein, high-fiber meals target weight management. JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) predicts the obesity medication market will reach $100 billion, with 9% of the U.S. population on weight-loss drugs by 2030.

Vital Pursuit’s entire lineup was released after some time but will be available in stores later this year for $4.99 or less. Whole grains or protein pasta meals include sandwich melts, pizzas and bowls enriched with potassium, calcium and iron. Retail analyst Neil Saunders noted that adding this brand makes sense for Nestlé, given the potential disruption GLP-1 drugs could cause to food manufacturers.

Food companies, including Nestlé, are preparing for reduced sugary snack sales as GLP-1 consumers buy less food, with Nestlé’s Vital Pursuit brand signaling a strategic response to this trend.

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