Millionaire Makers: 7 Stocks You Can Buy for $2 That Can 10X by 2025


Penny Stocks to Buy - Millionaire Makers: 7 Stocks You Can Buy for $2 That Can 10X by 2025

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Making millions through the stock market is only possible in a few ways. Investors need one of these three things:

  • Massive sums of capital to begin with
  • Decades of time and more modest sums of capital
  • More modest sums of capital and a combination of risk and luck

We will be talking about the latter today: seven stocks you can buy for $2 that can 10X by 2025. The standard caveat applies here, which says investors should only spend what they are willing to lose.

Investing in sub-$2 stocks is very risky. Direct the majority of your capital toward more stable, conservative approaches. Direct much less capital to these riskier stocks that will require a combination of risk and luck.

All of the stocks discussed below cost less than $2 per share meaning $1,000 will get you at least 500 shares. Those 500 or more shares have the potential to appreciate in value above $10,000 by 2025.

Reliance Global (RELI)

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Reliance Global (NASDAQ:RELI) is a business group that acquires and manages retail insurance agencies in the United States. I chose to lead off the article with this stock specifically because it is not a pharma firm or another biotech stock. The purpose in doing so is not to say that biotech stocks are bad. Instead, it is to show there are plenty of 10X penny stocks outside of the biotech sector.

As I mentioned, there is a lot of risk in investing in shares of stocks trading at these levels. Investing in Reliance Global will be no different. The stock has lost roughly 95% of its value over the last 12 months. It currently trades for 25 cents per share. That should logically raise a lot of red flags for investors. However, there are reasons to believe that the company can rebound from here.

Primarily, the company recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire Spetner Associates. The integration of Spetner Associates is expected to double Reliance Global’s annual revenues to $28 million. 

That news was announced on May 15 and sent share prices drastically higher. The bet at this time is the integration of the new partner will again significantly increase revenues. Despite the obvious risk, that’s the clear narrative behind investing in Reliance Global.

aTyr Pharma (LIFE)

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aTyr Pharma (NASDAQ:LIFE) is a biotech stock focused on the treatment of lung diseases that lead to fibrosis, or scarring of the lung tissue.

It appears to be among the better biotech stocks to bet on at this time. The company’s lead candidate drug, Efzofitimod, has received FDA and EU orphan drug designation. That effectively fast tracks its development for the treatment of sarcoidosis and scleroderma.

The company also has a deal in place with Japan’s Kyorin Pharmaceutical worth up to $175 million To develop and commercialize Efzofitimod in Japan. The company’s pipeline of drugs extends beyond Efzofitimod with that drug being the clear catalyst overall. 

LIFE shares currently trade for $1.76 and have a consensus target price above $25

The company continues to release positive news about its lead candidate drug. That is not the only good news surrounding aTyr Pharma. The company also announced inducement grants that allowed two employees to purchase 9,400 shares of stock at $1.86. That suggests there is an immediate upside in LIFE stock at the moment.

BioLineRx (BLRX)

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BioLineRx (NASDAQ:BLRX) is a company attempting to commercialize therapeutics for the treatment of various cancers and rare diseases including sickle cell disease. The company’s recent announcements around those projects deserve particular attention and make the stock attractive.

BioLineRx truly does look like a biotech stock that’s about to move much higher. Interested investors should read this recent portfolio update from May 28. The company’s FDA-approved multiple myeloma treatment, Aphexda, is growing steadily in its first full quarter of post-approval adoption. 

The drug is quickly making its way into the network of transplant centers and is placed at 26% of all institutions in the U.S. currently. BioLineRx expects that number to rise to 35% by the end of the second quarter and could rise to 60% by the end of the year.

The biotech is currently running at a slight net loss of $0.7 million but benefits from continued progress in clinical trials relating to other diseases including sickle cell disease. In short, there seem to be multiple reasons to bet on BLRX stock at the moment.

Knightscope (KSCP)

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Knightscope (NASDAQ:KSCP) stock represents a company that builds fully autonomous security robots. Honestly, its products look a bit like something out of a dystopian future movie from the ’90s. Despite that, Knightscope’s progress makes it very interesting for investors.

The company hasn’t released highly detailed financial statements but the most recent indication that we have is from March. That report showed revenues increased by 128% to $12.8 million during 2023. The report also includes some images of the company’s AI-enabled security robots that are a bit cyberpunk and Robocop. 

The company released another report days later updating the company’s financial position. It showed that the company’s net loss narrowed from $25.6 million to $22.1 million in 2023. It also noted the company has 10,000 machines in its network across the United States and the company plans to reduce its payroll expense by 30% this year.

The company has since won multiple contracts and deployed multiple tranches of robots. 

Adial Pharmaceuticals (ADIL)

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Adial Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ADIL) is a company working to address addiction disorders that are quite rampant across society. The reason to believe in the stock lies in its lead candidate drug, AD04. That drug is intended to treat alcohol use disorder, opioid use disorder and a host of potential other drug dependencies. 

The company has identified a range of genetic phenotypes that respond to AD04. Adial Pharmaceuticals estimates that represents a $40 billion opportunity in the U.S. alone.

The company also secured patent rights protecting the ability of that drug to target specific gene sequences relating to various drug dependency disorders. 

The company is clearly very interesting for its positioning relative to various substance dependencies and their overall socioeconomic burden. However, potential investors should also be aware the company’s current liquidity only covers the company through the first quarter of 2025. Regardless, substance disorder pharmaceutical firms are a rapidly growing sub-sector within the industry and Adial Pharmaceuticals could certainly emerge as a winner. 

Society Pass (SOPA) 

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Investors interested in the outsized growth prospects in Southeast Asia should take a look at Society Pass (NASDAQ:SOPA). The company continues to build an ecosystem encompassing e-commerce and fintech worth understanding at least.

The most recent earnings report from the third quarter of 2023 shows that revenues grew by 11%. Clearly, that’s not the sort of outsized growth many seek from emerging market opportunities. Nevertheless, there are things to like about Society Pass. What I like is that the company has zero debt and $8 million in cash.  

Despite a net loss of $3.9 million in the period, the company managed to report a modest gross profit of $600,000. The company also has a $40 million line of credit should that ultimately be necessary. That line of credit is an indication institutional investors see the overall opportunity represented by Society Pass. Much like Adial Pharmaceutical, Society Pass is interesting for operating within a high-growth sub-sector that may not get as much attention as it deserves.

Enviva (EVA)

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Investing in Enviva (NYSE:EVA) stock will appeal to green investors and industrial investors looking for turnaround opportunities. The company produces sustainable wood pellets intended to provide a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels.

While the company has some interesting, promising catalysts, it is going through a transition as it attempts to affect a turnaround. The most recent earnings reports — from November 2023 — gets into those details.

Most of the report focused on the appointment of the company’s previous CFO to an interim CEO position. He is essentially tasked with turning around deepening losses and righting the course for Enviva. The fundamentals tell the story of a company in trouble. Revenues fell by a modest 1.3% in that report while net losses more than quadrupled to $85.2 million. 

The company has not filed any subsequent financial reports since November. It’s clearly at risk of bankruptcy and restructuring. My sense is that the company’s shares will trend downward but they certainly do have the potential to 10X nonetheless. 

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