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Stocks to Sell

The Grim Future for RAD Stock in 3 Simple Charts

Talk is cheap. If RAD stock is ever going to live up to some expectations, Rite Aid has to do something big, and fast. Read Article

7 Stocks to Sell Before the Crash – And Tesla is #1!

Stocks to sell right now include these seven companies that all have shaky finances even in good times, and could crash during a correction. Read Article

NFLX Stock Can’t Compete in Home Entertainment

NFLX stock had a good run, but one that was based on an erroneous assumption. Netflix can't compete with other over-the-top providers for one clear reason. Read Article

Snap Inc (SNAP) Stock Will Likely Disappoint Investors Yet Again

Snap Inc isn't a bad company. But the growth expectations still priced into SNAP stock remain far too optimistic Read Article

5 Toxic Stocks to Discard or Sell Short for Profit

Toxic stocks are exposed to outside shocks and are burdened with high levels of debts. Also, the price of toxic stocks is artificially inflated. Read Article

Sears Stock Is Suffering a Slow Death That’s Painful to Watch

Sears has been in a massive, secular decline. With revenue declines for ten straight years, there's no reason to touch Sears stock. Read Article

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Oracle Stock Here

Oracle stock has a long way to go before it can be considered a worthy addition to the portfolios of value investors. Read Article

Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) Stock Is Set to Plummet

BBBY stock is down big after reporting dismal second quarter results and delivering a gut-wrenching full-year guide. Read Article

Sell Chipotle (CMG) Stock Because the New Queso Is that Bad

Chipotle took another big misstep with a healthy queso offering that doesn't taste good, and that is killing CMG stock. Read Article

Cowen Downgrade Is the Least of the Problems For L Brands Inc (LB) Stock

LB stock fell 5% on a Cowen downgrade Wednesday morning. But bra pricing is only one of the L Brands' many problems. Read Article

Snap (SNAP) Stock is Doomed, Get Out Now!

SNAP looks a lot more like the picture version of Twitter than the second coming of Facebook, but the valuation says otherwise. Read Article

In the Exqifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX) Scandal, the Customer Knows Last

Equifax lacks the internal resources to deal effectively with the security scandal now enveloping it. It needs a white knight. Read Article

New Streaming Service Won’t Help Disney (DIS) Stock

If you own or are mulling a purchase of DIS stock just because Walt Disney plans on offering an over-the-top streaming service, think again. Read Article

Here’s Why You Should Fade This Ionic-Inspired Rally In Fitbit Inc (FIT) Stock

Fitbit's new Ionic device is far from a game-changer. That hasn't stopped FIT stock investors from hyping the shares. Read Article

Don’t Be Fooled: eBay (EBAY) Stock Is not a Turnaround Story at All

EBAY stock is up 30% in 2017 despite lackadaisical operational growth, and that means its time to do some profit taking. Read Article

Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) Stock Still Has A Lot of Work To Do

Fitbit stock hit an eight-month high before a recent pullback. But the "this time is different" story behind FIT stock isn't strong enough. Read Article

Twilio Inc. (TWLO) Is Just Another Profitless Unicorn

TWLO stock is insanely overvalued at $2 billion, with nothing but losses. Read Article

Why Twitter (TWTR) Is One of My Least Favorites for the Next 5 Years

Growth in digital advertising will become more selective and concentrated, and that is bad news for beaten up TWTR stock Read Article

Under Armour (UAA) Spends More, Gets Less

UAA stock may be tempting after 65%, two-year pullback. Until Under Armour fixes this problem though, there's no turnaround on the horizon. Read Article

Nvidia’s $100 Billion Market Cap May Be Too High

NVDA stock continues to hover near all-time highs, and trades at a big multiple. But there are some potential pressures on the horizon. Read Article