Trading Opportunities

Wondering what our top minds are trading today? InvestorPlace’s “Trading Opportunities” provides high-quality analysis in a fast-moving market, covering earnings uptrends and big market-moving swings for high-octane trades. Our financial analysts closely monitor rotations in and out of sectors to deliver prescient financial advice you can trade on.

The EV Megatrend Will Spark Explosive Growth in This Small Stock

In the world of EVs, the pure picks-and-shovels play is charging company Blink (BLNK).

Nike is Setting New Highs Ahead of Earnings

Nike (NASDAQ:NKE) is one company that has already seen some bullishness. The stock hit a new all-time high this week -- and we think it looks strong enough to warrant a short-put play.

This Overlooked & Undervalued 5G Stock Could Soar

Wireless backhaul technology leader Ceragon (NASDAQ:CRNT) has a market cap of just $186 million.

Bank of America Short Options Pay Big

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) is also dealing with some bearish news that may keep it in a consolidation range, and we want to take advantage by selling a covered call.

The Pet Health Care Market Continues to Pay Out

One of my friends and I were discussing the markets, and he drew my attention to a company that I was not familiar with: Covetrus (NASDAQ:CVET).

Targeting Target’s Profits for Ourselves

As traders look around for other stocks to add to their portfolios, we think many of them are going to zero in on Target (NYSE:TGT).

Zoetis is Higher Than Ever Thanks to Pet (and Farm) Spending

Zoetis (NYSE:ZTS), a class-leading animal health and vaccine company, including animal-to-human virus vaccines, used to be a subsidiary of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), but it spun off in 2013.

People Always Spend on Their Pets

Spending on pets in the US continues to rise. According to the APPA, spending for 2020 is projected to come in at $99 billion, up from $94 billion in 2019 and $90 billion in 2018, representing a climb of 9.4% in just two years.

Preparing for Starbucks’ Caffeinated Bounce Higher

For us, Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is a clear pick when selling a put write.

BlackBerry is Actually a Cheap 5G Play

Last Friday, I asked if you remembered mixtapes, and this week I'm wondering you if you can remember BlackBerry (NYSE:BB).

TDK’s New Focus is Key to 5G

I see that there are a lot more ups coming as folks learn more about what TDK Corp. (TTDKY) is and not what it was decades ago.

Selling Puts on a Split Apple

We’ve wanted to sell puts on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), but it’s simply been too expensive.

There’s a Lot of Income in Selling Microsoft Puts

We feel encouraged because the ISM's PMI shows growing business investments, so we think this is the right time to open a new put write in Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).

Dollar General Options Still Pay Big Sums

When we last recommended a position on Dollar General (NYSE:DG), we were trading on a relatively positive retail sales report.

Another (More Profitable) SPAC Alternative

Hercules Capital (NYSE:HTGC) is more of a traditional BDC than Friday's recommendation, but with a very specific focus on early to mid-stage technology companies.

SPACs Get the Headlines… Here’s Where to Get the Profits

Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE:CODI) is a holding company that buys, develops and sometimes sells companies that are strongly branded industrial or consumer product firms that generate lots of cashflows.

Lessons from Sacramento for Clean Power

California is in crisis due to rolling electrical power blackouts. Households and businesses are facing power losses with no notice, creating chaos on top of the existing COVID-19 devastation.

Collecting on Coca-Cola as Interest Rates Rise

Rising interest rates are a short-term drag on dividend payers like Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO), so if you’re holding shares of KO, we recommend using this as an entry opportunity to pull in some extra income by selling covered calls.

Bank of America Keeps on Giving

If you, like us, are holding shares of Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), this is a trade to earn you extra income while the stock recovers.

Bond ETFs are Better than Stocks with Added Protection

Corporate and municipal bond ETFs offer better returns and more protection thanks in part to the Federal Reserve.