Quarterly Review & Outlook

Every quarter, we take a look back at the significant market trends and events of the past few months, as well as look ahead to what the next few months should bring. From the hottest stocks to the biggest flubs, here is what made (or will make) some of the biggest headlines.

The 7 Best Long-Term Stocks to Buy for 2020 and Beyond

Even the best long-term stocks require some patience, but their viable growth industries make them the best stocks for 2019 and beyond!

As 2020 Approaches, It’s Time to Worry About Deflation

Throwing money at rich people is a short-term solution to the long-term problem of deflation

The S&P 500 Just Hit a New Milestone

Matt McCall is as bullish as ever on the stock market and thinks 2020 could be one of its best years yet. Get his market outlook here.

Market Outlook: Great Things Are Still to Come

Matt McCall anticipates a market rally into the end of the year that will result in historic highs for U.S. stocks. Don't be left holding your cash in the dust.

5 ETFs to Buy for the Rest of 2019

As we look to the second half of 2019, investors should continue emphasizing portfolio balance while looking for ETFs to buy that increase portfolio diversity.

7 Cloud Computing Stocks to Buy for 2019

Finding the best cloud computing stocks means, first, understanding its niches -- the Czars, the services, and the retinue -- where the growth lies.

7 Stocks to Buy for Monster Growth in the Second Half of 2019

Looking for stocks to buy now? These seven companies are among the best stocks to invest in for their immaculate record from the Street's top analysts. Here's why:

5 Strong Buy Biotech Stocks for the Second Half

We are now approaching the second half of 2019. And it may be time for a little portfolio rebalancing. Biotech stocks often move independently from the market, and these 5 are worth a look.

The 7 Best Tech Stocks to Buy for the Second Half of 2019

So far in 2019, the tech sector has been a pretty volatile place for investors. Luckily these 7 top tech stocks all hold a bullish 'Strong Buy' Street consensus.

10 Smart Dividend Stocks for the Rest of the Year

Ford, Verizon and AbbVie are just a trio of the top dividend stocks to buy for the remainder of 2019, particularly if the broad market hits turbulence.

7 Stocks to Buy for the Coming Recession

With multiple headwinds slamming down on the markets, the smart strategy is to consider the best stocks to buy now against a possible recession.

15 Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy for the Rest of 2019

Given the markets’ many question marks, these safe dividend stocks to buy offer reliable yields and steady growth potential.

7 High-Risk Stocks With Big Potential Rewards

In the stock market, risk and reward go together, and that's why these 7 risky trades could have huge paydays in Q2.

Should You Buy Q1’s 6 Best-Performing S&P 500 Stocks?

The S&P 500 just wrapped up its best first-quarter performance in 20 years, and these are the six stocks that led its record rally.

15 Stocks to Buy Leading the Financial Charge

As we head into the second quarter, Bank of America has 15 financial sector suggestions to add to your portfolio.

5 Stock Market Predictions for the Second Quarter

From Lyft to yield curve inversion and even oat milk, here’s a look ahead at the big stories of the near future.

5 Industrial ETFs to Consider for the Second Quarter

Impressive as many of the performances by industrial ETFs this year are, investors arriving late to this party should exercise caution.

7 A-Rated Stocks to Buy in the Second Quarter

The economy promises a good year for stocks as growth keeps rolling along. These A-rated stocks should do well in the next three months.

The 10 Best ETFs to Buy in the Second Quarter

As we move into April and beyond, these are some of the best ETFs to capitalize on overall and seasonal strength.