The Ordinary Wednesday That Ushered in the Self-Driving Revolution


On Wednesday, Dec. 22, at around 9 p.m., a Class 8 semi-truck pulled out of a large railyard in Tucson, Arizona.

Ostensibly, there was nothing special about this truck. From the outside, it looked just like the thousands of Class 8 semi-trucks that had pulled out of this railyard over the years. But inside the semi-truck, there was something incredibly special going on – no one was in the truck.

Let me repeat that: This truck pulled out of a large railyard in Tucson, Arizona, without anyone in the vehicle.

No passengers, no driver – There was no one in the truck. Yet, it drove itself off the lot before proceeding to drive itself across busy surface streets and highways, for roughly an hour-and-a-half, travelling as far as 80 miles. It then parked itself at a high-volume distribution center in the middle of the Phoenix metro area.

You read that right. On an ordinary Wednesday, a seemingly ordinary semi-truck drove itself 80 miles from a railyard to a distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona.

And to think there are some pundits out there who believe the Self-Driving Revolution is still decades away.

News flash: It’s not. It is knocking on your doorstep.

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The Class 8 semi-truck that drove itself, autonomously, on public roads without any human in the vehicle, was a test-run performed by autonomous driving startup TuSimple (NASDAQ:TSP).

TuSimple has been working on autonomous trucking technology for years. The successful test-run was the culmination of that work – and what a culmination it was…

Clearly, this was not the first self-driving car to hit public roads. Waymo has publicly tested its autonomous ride-hailing vehicles in Phoenix for years now. But those are small cars, not big trucks – and they always have a driver in them, ready to take control of the wheel if needed.

TuSimple’s successful “driver-out” test was the first successful, real-world demonstration of an autonomous truck on public roads without any human driver inside.

That’s an astounding accomplishment.

In short, it means that the Self-Driving Revolution is at our doorstep. Self-driving cars and trucks are not a science-fiction concept that may or may not materialize by 2030. They are a reality, coming to life on real roads today.

I mean… a truck just drove more than 80 miles across one of America’s busiest metros, without any incidents, accidents, or even hiccups, completely autonomously.

What more do you want?

By 2025, most cars across America will have some form of autonomy integrated into their operating systems.

By 2030, autonomy will be an automobile industry ubiquity. Every car, every truck, and every four-wheeled vehicle of every sort will be self-driving.

This is not a matter of “if.” It’s a matter of “when” – and the “when,” as evidenced by TuSimple’s successful driver-out test, is now.

You must understand that Wall Street is forward-thinking. Investors are always pricing events into stocks before they actually happen. Before e-commerce took over the world by 2020, Amazon stock soared thousands of percent throughout the 2000s and 2010s. Before electric vehicles reshaped automobiles, Tesla stock soared thousands of percent throughout the 2010s.

Say it with me: Wall Street moves before Main Street moves. That’s a very important concept to grasp.

Well, on Main Street, self-driving cars and trucks will become an everyday occurrence on roads and in garages by 2024. That means that, on Wall Street, self-driving stocks will start soaring in 2022-2023.

That’s right now. Which means that, at this very moment, we are at the start of the Self-Driving Revolution.

Over the next several years, autonomous vehicles will go from executing public roads tests, to becoming public road ubiquities. Along the way, they’ll set in motion a $7-TRILLION-a-year megatrend that will disrupt nearly every industry, from personal transportation to public transit to travel to insurance, and so much more.

At the epicenter of it all is a tiny, $20 stock that creates the self-driving industry’s most valuable, and most impressive, technology.

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So… the ball’s in your court…

The Self-Driving Revolution is knocking. On the other side of the door is a $20 stock that could make you a millionaire.

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