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Revolutionary ‘iPhone for AI’ Could Ignite a Furious Rally in AI Stocks


Key Takeaways:

  • The AI Boom is expected to escalate with the launch of a new hardware device, known as the “iPhone for AI,” which could potentially replace smartphones.
  • OpenAI, led by CEO Sam Altman, is at the forefront of this movement and is reportedly working with former Apple designer Jony Ive and others to create this new AI-centric device.
  • Watch the replay of my emergency broadcast discussing OpenAI’s developments and an investment playbook ahead of the AI Endgame.
iPhone for AI - Revolutionary ‘iPhone for AI’ Could Ignite a Furious Rally in AI Stocks

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Despite the considerable hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and the substantial returns AI stocks have generated over the past year, the AI Boom has lacked one critical element: a hardware device to harness all the capabilities of AI.

But that’s about to change.

I’m talking about the “iPhone for AI.

When it launches, it will revolutionize everything. And those of us savvy enough to be in AI stocks will see our wealth propelled to unprecedented levels.

Consider the internet boom that began in the 1990s. It was not until Steve Jobs and Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPhone in the summer of 2007 that internet stocks truly began to surge. Major internet companies such as Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Nvidia (NVDA) experienced relatively flat trading throughout most of the 2000s. However, following the launch of the iPhone, their stocks began to climb and have continued their ascent ever since.

New technologies by themselves are cool. But new technologies need new devices to truly change the world.

By that logic, AI won’t change the world until a new AI hardware device emerges to help consumers and businesses truly tap into, leverage, and use the power of AI.

Forget computers. Forget smartphones. Forget smart watches, tablets, and smart glasses. We need the next generation of all that stuff – a hardware device purpose-built for the Age of AI.

That device hasn’t launched yet.

But it will.

I think as soon as the next few months.

And it all comes back to the company that started this whole AI Boom in the first place: OpenAI.

The Door Is Open(AI)

OpenAI is the world’s most important AI startup. It created ChatGPT, the chatbot that ignited the AI craze in late 2022. Since then, its ambitious CEO, Sam Altman — who I believe is this generation’s Steve Jobs — has been actively laying the groundwork for his company to dominate the AI industry and potentially the entire global economy.

Altman has been reportedly looking to raise trillions of dollars to overhaul the global chip market (more on that this weekend). And he has also launched a brand-new custom AI GPT Store – which many liken to Apple’s App Store – wherein anyone can build their own custom AI chatbot on top of ChatGPT’s technology.

There are also rumors that he and his company have stumbled across a powerful AI algorithm breakthrough — internally dubbed Q* — that reports suggest is eerily close to Artificial General Intelligence, or superintelligence. We could see that next-level AI in the real-world once ChatGPT 5 launches later this year.

And, perhaps above all else, Altman is reportedly trying to create the “iPhone for AI”.

He has teamed up with legendary former Apple designer Jony Ive – who designed the original iPhone – and Apple’s most recent iPhone design chief, Tang Tan, to create a smartphone purpose-built for the Age of AI.

They are also reportedly in talks to raise $1 billion for the venture from the world’s largest tech investor, SoftBank.

This is a Silicon Valley super team – the world’s most important tech startup, the world’s most legendary tech designer, and the world’s largest tech investor.

This super team is dead set on creating the next iPhone.  

What will it look like?

No one really knows yet. We have some clues. Altman is a major investor in another AI startup called Humane. OpenAI is also their main partner. Humane just launched an AI pin that incorporates a personal AI assistant into a wearable pin.

Will OpenAI build on the Humane AI pin? My guess is “yes.” My guess is also that whatever OpenAI ends up building with Jony Ive and Softbank will be absolutely incredible.

After all, great people make great products. And there is no greater collection of AI talent in the world right now than the super team working on this “iPhone for AI.”

The big takeaway, of course, is that the iPhone for AI is coming… possibly this year.

And when it does arrive, it will change the world.

It will replace your smartphone. It will be your personal AI assistant. And it will ignite a furious rally in AI stocks.

You think AI stocks are red-hot right now? Just wait until this “iPhone for AI” launches. That’s when the party will really get started.

The Final Word

We’re already prepping for this breakthrough.

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