A Rare Chance to Profit from a Hollywood Franchise

Two of the five biggest box-office sellers in movie history are from the same franchise.

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Can you guess which one?

It’s not Star Wars, though a few of those films populate the list.

The answer is Avengers … specifically Endgame in 2019 and Infinity War in 2018.

Now, it’s one thing to have a big hit on your hands … but when it comes to making money, the real power is in what are called “residuals.”

Grossing nearly $3 billion is impressive, and the actors, producers, and investors earn a cut of the revenue the franchise produces.

And that cut can grow … and grow … and grow.

Tom Hanks starred in Forrest Gump in 1994. More than 25 years later, he’s pocketed $60 million with the help of residuals.

All six actors from the television hit Friends make $20 million every year … even though not one has done any work on the show since 2004.

Hollywood’s residuals are about a million times better than any other investment I’ve ever seen — on or off Wall Street.

They used to be off limits to most investors, but I’ve found a chance for you to tap into a similar type of income stream …

I must admit, this is one of the most attractive investment opportunities I’ve come across in my 20-plus-year career.

It’s also different than what you usually hear me talk about.

This is not a stock. And it has nothing to do with options, bonds, cryptocurrencies, or any other traditional investment.

In fact, it’s not an investment the average Joe would normally take part in, but that’s what makes this situation so remarkable.

This is a rare chance to take part in a private opportunity normally reserved for the richest, high-profile, A-list investors.

The Hollywood franchise I’m talking about started in 2011 as a massively successful bestselling novel. It was on The New York Time’s Best Sellers list for 62 weeks.

In 2018, this novel became a Hollywood film directed by the greatest director to ever live: Steven Spielberg. The film generated nearly $580 million from global box office sales, which doesn’t include an additional $29 million from DVD and Blu-ray sales.

But this story is now morphing into a cult classic, similar to Star Wars, James Bond, and Jurassic Park.

A sequel to the first novel is already planned. In fact, the author has already finished the manuscript for the second novel. And not only will there be a second novel … there will also be a sequel to the first film. Casting has already begun.

This is an opportunity to join a deal targeting a proven Hollywood film franchise that already has millions of fans … has already banked hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office… and is already a massively successful brand.

And today, investors have a new way to profit from a deal that’s targeting this Hollywood brand … a chance to own revenue-sharing rights tied directly to the success of this franchise.

You could be collecting checks because of this blockbuster years from now.

The company I’m talking about specializes in the booming $135 billion video game industry, and the profit potential is enormous.

Specifically, this private business’ specialty is to create massively successful video games based on iconic pop culture franchises. It has a proven track record of taking some of the biggest and most successful movie franchises and turning them into profitable video game ventures. It has already worked with the author to develop games based on the successful books.

This business prefers to work in the private market to fund its projects, especially for really big projects. In return, folks who join in share the revenue these video games generate.

And we’re not talking chump change. This is big money.

The average return for each video game this company launches is 16X.

The opportunity I’m talking about is to own a piece of the future sales of this private video game company. In other words, collect residuals.

Investors receive their share of the revenue over and over and over again. They get two checks per year — one on May 15 and another on November 15. There is no time limit, and no cap on what you can earn. As long as sales are made, you get paid.

That’s why 16X gains aren’t out of the question.

And with the sequel to both the novel and the film about to be released, there will be even more hype surrounding the video game.

I think you can see why this deal caught my attention. It’s a private investment that wasn’t previously possible, and the terms are as good or better than anything you’ll find in the stock market.

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On the date of publication, Matthew McCall did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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