Did Tesla Just Confirm That the Robot Takeover Is Here?


Tesla’s highly anticipated AI Day last week had an unexpected guest – a 5-foot-8, 125-pound humanoid robot dubbed “Tesla Bot.”

No one saw it coming.

Tesla fans had AI Day marked on their calendars for months. But it was supposed to be an event that flexed Tesla’s AI and computer vision capabilities enough to appease safety concerns surrounding its controversial self-driving programs (which, for what it’s worth, are now under federal investigation).

It did that – to an extent. But then a man dressed up as a robot came on stage and did a bizarre dance. Everyone scratched their heads, and the whole presentation pivoted to… the Tesla Bot.


Well, the whole point was to show that Tesla’s automation technology is so advanced that it is capable of not just automating cars, but also automating humans – or, at least, that the tech is ready to start trying to automate humans.

That point fell largely on deaf ears. Multiple Wall Street analysts commented on the Tesla Bot as being a “distraction” from an otherwise impressive AI Day event.

But we don’t think it was that… rather, we think it was confirmation that the “Robot Takeover” is just around the corner.

You see, the world is being automated.

You used to have to manually input information fields on every website. Now, your computer can auto-fill 99% of that information.

You used to physically vacuum. Now, you can have a Roomba to vacuum for you.

You used to check out with human cashiers. Now, you can do self-check-out with a machine.

Automation is an inevitable byproduct of technological advancement. As technology gets better and better, it eventually reaches a point where it becomes better than a human at a certain task. When that happens, companies and consumers start using the technology in place of the human, because a technology is cheaper and faster.

Automation is a natural part of the technological evolution.

Now, let’s play things out. If technology keeps evolving (which it will), then robots will inevitably take over the world. Everything will be automated.

Most of us can agree with that. Someday, that will happen. But I bet 95% of us would say that this so-called “Robot Takeover” is a long, long ways away.

Not so fast…

The Tesla Bot is proof of this idea that automation technology is not isolated – it’s intertwined. That is, Tesla is working on self-driving cars. To make autonomous vehicles, the company is developing hyper-complex machine learning algorithms, advanced computer vision techniques, and robust on-site supercomputers.

Those are the fundamentals components of self-driving cars. But guess what? They’re also the fundamental components of all automation platforms.

That’s why Tesla was able to unveil Tesla Bot. Because in developing tech for an automated car, they’re simultaneously developing the same core tech for an automated humanoid robot.

In other words, automated tech is scalable. Once we figure it out in one arena, it won’t be long before we figure it out in every arena.

And already today, Google’s self-driving car unit Waymo is testing self-driving cars all across the world, a Pasadena-based tech startup by the name of Miso is making automated burger-flipping robots, and med-tech giant Intuitive Surgical is deploying thousands of robotic surgery systems to hospitals across the country.

Get the point?

The world is figuring out fully automated technology right now, which means we’re much closer to a full-on “Robot Takeover” than you think.

The Tesla Bot may look like a sci-fi concept today – but by the end of the decade, robots like that could be a widespread reality.

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On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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