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How to Position Yourself for the Current Pullback — And for Future Ones Too

It’s been a wild week for stocks … and it’s only Tuesday.

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Growth investors’ panic level has bubbled to a point I have not witnessed since the pandemic-induced bear market early last year — the fastest arriving bear market in history. The selling may have made some sense at the time …

But buying the dip made even more.

I had a great show planned for today for MoneyLine. I was going to highlight two stocks that I felt were attractive buying opportunities right now, but I scratched it all to talk about the current action in the market.

When subscribers, private clients, colleagues and friends are all asking the same questions, it’s imperative to address them. And there’s no better way than talking to you in person.

So on today’s new episode of MoneyLine, we’re going to focus on how investors should be positioning themselves amid the current pullback. We’ll talk about how this weakness is different than the past and how future pullbacks may be sharp and quick.

That’s good for some … but it’s difficult for most to endure.

Remember, buying is easy. And it’s fairly easy to sell, too. But to hold through all the market’s ups, downs and curveballs is a completely different story.

Today’s podcast highlights the upside-down world we are living in and how stocks are trading irrationally in the short term. Just look at the chart below, which shows the five-month return (through March 15) of four brick-and-mortar retailers and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN).

Amazon is by far the worst performer. Would you have ever guessed that Macy’s (NYSE:M) would beat the e-commerce giant by more than 100X during that timeframe? Neither would I.

But we are not living in the past. Look ahead to the future and think about which of those five companies you would want to buy and hold today. I know your answer already — Amazon, the worst performer.

The upside-down world has created so many Amazon-like opportunities. And I name a few stocks that are setting up for big near- and long-term rallies in the podcast.

Do not miss this show. Whether you are fearful or greedy … you need to watch now.

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