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James Brumley, OCZ Technology

Solid-state disc drives (or SSDs) aren’t a new technology. So-called “jump” drives or memory cards/sticks are solid state drives, but have been around for years. Within the past two years, however, the technology has been taken to the proverbial next level by making smartphones and tablets perform more like traditional computers, and by making computers perform at previously unthinkable speed … at least in terms of data storage.

Enter OCZ Technology (NASDAQ:OCZ). It makes a variety of hardware and peripherals, but its flagship product is solid-state drives, not just for portable data storage, but as “the” storage device for PCs and laptops. These are superior to traditional disc-based hard drives, since SSDs are less prone to failure simply because they have no moving parts. They’re also much faster than traditional disc-based drives.

OCZ Technology has played a major role in the transition from discs to SSDs for two reasons. For one, it has whittled down the price of solid-state drives to something that’s at least reasonably competitive with disc drives. Also, it has designed and now offers one of the fastest SSD controller (data transfer) technologies available today.

Though few have really noticed the lurking megatrend, solid-state drives are going to be the standard within a couple of years, and are going to give smartphones and tablets some amazing performance and storage capacity.

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