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3 ‘Smart Money’ Dividend Stocks

These income plays sit squarely in the sights of Buffett and others

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dow dividend stocksWith the 10-year Treasury yield hitting new multiyear highs and all dividend-focused stocks taking a beating as a result, income investors can be forgiven for feeling a little uneasy at the moment. It’s unsettling to buy a REIT, MLPs or dividend stocks in the hopes of enjoying a nice 4% to 5% yield, only to lose two or three times that much thanks to price declines.

During times of turbulence, it can be helpful to take a peek over the shoulder of a successful investor or two that you respect to see how they’re reacting. You shouldn’t mindlessly ape what they are doing, of course, but following their trading moves can give you a sense of perspective.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three investment gurus to see what dividend-focused investments they are buying or holding heavily.

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