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InvestorPlace’s Best AND Worst Stock Picks of 2013

Amazon, Yelp among some of our experts' biggest flops

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We screw up.

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That’s the sorry, simple truth about anyone in financial media shelling out stock picks.

Like all humans, we’re fallible — problem is, unlike Mark May botching yet another week of picks on ESPN, or a bout of stuttering by your local sportscaster, any errors from us in the financial media can theoretically have a real impact on people. That’s because while investors might not be hanging on our every word, people do use the broader pool of knowledge and analysis out there to make investing decisions — decisions that affect their pocketbooks, their families, their retirements.

And that’s why a little transparency is in order.

When we get our stock picks right, we want to beat our chests and crow a little — everyone does on the big winners, after all. But on the flip side, we also have a responsibility to tell readers when we absolutely botched a call. It’s our job to get things right, and while no financial pundit will ever bat 1.000, well … some errors are big enough to warrant an explanation. After all, real people might have put real money on our advice.

So without further ado, here are our best and worst stock picks of the year.

And I’ll fall on the dagger first.

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