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3 Shining Precious Metals ETF Picks

It seems counterintuitive, but you should buy precious metals and hope they go down

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Precious Metals Pick: ETFS Physical Platinum Shares (PPLT)

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Of the four common precious metals, platinum is the rarest. All the platinum in the world could fit into a decent-sized living room.

Adding to platinum’s allure is the ever-increasing demand for clean air. Automotive catalytic converters need a certain amount of platinum to enable them to clean the toxic fumes from your vehicle’s exhaust. Without it, terrible smog and pollution of the Mexico City variety would be the norm in every major city.

Another platinum price booster is the geopolitical risk associated with the locations of the world’s reserves of the metal. About 70% of the world’s platinum supply is South African. If you haven’t been watching the news, you missed stories of riots and fighting at the mines there. The other major platinum supplier is Russia, no stranger to political unrest.

As you can see on my chart below, the price of platinum is near the bottom of its range when compared to gold historically.

The price of platinum is out of balance. The ETFS Physical Platinum Shares (PPLT) exchange-traded fund is one of your best options to invest here.

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